What Happened To Skinny Pete And Badger After Breaking Bad Ended

What would have happened to Skinny Pete and Badger after the Breaking Bad series finale? Here's speculation on the pair's future lives.

Breaking Bad Skinny Pete and Badger

UPDATE: Skinny Pete appears in the trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, meaning we’ll learn more about his future in the coming months.

What happened to Skinny Pete and Badger after Breaking Bad ended? The characters played by Charles Baker and Matt L. Jones, respectively, appeared in all five seasons of the AMC hit series. The duo appeared in the Breaking Bad series finale but their fate was relatively unknown.

Skinny Pete and Badger (aka Brandon Mayhew) were two of Jesse Pinkman's closest friends. Skinny Pete introduced Jesse to the drug dealer, Tuco Salamanca, in Breaking Bad season 1. Around that time, Jesse enlisted Badger to help him cook meth out of his RV. The pair argued over the operations but they eventually reconciled in the following season. Skinny Pete and Badger served as the dealers for Walter White and Jesse's meth. After some legal trouble, the group decided to lay low for a while.

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In Breaking Bad season 3, Jesse recruited Skinny Pete and Badger to sell drugs to recovering drug addicts at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Instead, Jesse's friend took the program seriously and sobered up. That didn't last long considering they joined Jesse on a three-day bender in season 4. During the final season, Skinny Pete and Badger helped supply the equipment for Walt and Jesse's mobile meth lab. The pair made one final appearance in "Felina", after Walt hired them to act as hitmen to fool Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz into assuring that they will give Walt Jr. the money he was promised. Based on what Skinny Pete and Badger told Walt, viewers could speculate on their future.

Breaking Bad

Skinny Pete and Badger revealed that Walt's signature "blue sky" meth was still being distributed. The only person that could have been making it was Jesse and that was how Walt learned that his old partner was still alive. Skinny Pete and Badger seemed bothered by the fact that they were no longer getting free drugs, making viewers believe that they weren't in contact with Jesse anymore. It seems likely that the pair would have tried to sober up again, since they did so well in the recovery program before Jesse dragged them back into drug dealing. Baker also had a few thoughts on Skinny Pete and Badger's future in an interview with Mashable:

"Well, I think Skinny Pete went straight to that music store and bought that keyboard and him and Badger decided to put the band back together. The original band was TwaüghtHammër, but Skinny Pete wasn't a member of TwaüghtHammër, so they decided to go with TwaüghtHammër 2: The Twaüghtening."

Now that Skinny Pete and Badger were out of the drug business, they had the opportunity to fully explore other aspects of their lives. It was assumed that Walt gave them a large sum of money for their fake hitmen services. Skinny Pete was shown playing the piano, and it wouldn't be surprising if he turned his focus to music. Badger, on the other hand, always had an interest in sci-fi, especially with his Star Trek script. He was clearly passionate about his script, so perhaps he moved to Los Angeles in the hope of making it in the entertainment industry.

Skinny Pete and Badger probably would have stuck together, since they have been through such a similar journey with their sobriety issues throughout Breaking Bad. No matter where they went in life, the pair would have hung out all the time. Whether it would be playing video games or reciting one of Badger's scripts, it wouldn't have taken much to make those two happy.

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