'Breaking Bad' Finale Script Pages Reveal 'Happy' Ending

Breaking Bad Series Ending

[This post contains Breaking Bad SPOILERS - Obviously.]


Almost everyone who followed Breaking Bad for five seasons - with the exception of Oliver Stone - was ultimately satisfied and impressed with the way creator Vince Gilligan and his team of writers were able to tie up all the show's dangling loose ends in its highly-rated finale episode, 'Felina.' Even still, some viewers were left wondering how to feel after witnessing one of television's greatest antiheroes take his last breath.

For Walter White - a character who built his life's work on a trail of murder, betrayal and greed - a typical "happy" ending wouldn't have seemed right, but considering the dark and dire circumstances of the show's final episodes, the ending Breaking Bad fans received appeared to be as hopeful and as bright as they could imagine. But was that the creative team's intent behind the series' conclusion? Now, we finally know for certain with the release of the finale's script pages.

At this year's Austin Film Festival this past week - where Gilligan was honored for his work on the iconic series - the Writer's Guild Foundation paid tribute to the show and delighted its fans at the same time by displaying the finale's script at an exhibit. Unsurprisingly, someone snapped a couple of photos of the script's final two pages, which all but confirm the writers' optimistic vision for the show's ending. Check them out below, courtesy of Uproxx


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As we see from the second-to-last-page, the open-ended conclusion of Jessie's arc was - as many interpreted it to be - intentionally hopeful. While no one is sure where Jesse is going - not even Gilligan - as he speeds away from his old life, what truly matters is he's headed to "something better." As the series drew to a close, most fans were rooting for Jessie to escape his troubled past and wipe the slate clean, so they should take comfort in Gilligan's positive - albeit still slightly ambiguous - outlook on Jessie's future.

Compared to Jessie, Walt's ending was much more straightforward - yet most would agree that it was poignant and appropriate at the same time. The last page of the finale's script paints the picture that viewers saw in the final moments of the series, as Walt finally passes on in peace, with the knowledge that he accomplished what he set out to do, in his only real home - the meth lab. The line "He got away" also seems to suggest that despite all his wrongdoings and horrible deeds, Walt felt he had won at the end.

We know Gilligan and his team kicked around ideas for several alternate endings before settling on the one he crafted in these final pages, but it's safe to say most fans are pleased with the "happier" direction he took in a series finale we won't soon forget.

We're still sad to see the characters of Breaking Bad go, but it's possible we may see them again in the prequel spin-off series Better Call Saul, which Gilligan is currently developing at AMC. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more updates on that project as it moves forward.


Source: Uproxx


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