Bryan Cranston (Wrongly) Predicted There'd Be No Breaking Bad Sequel

The sequel movie to Breaking Bad, El Camino, is scheduled to release in October. Here's the story of how Bryan Cranston wrongly predicted the sequel.

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Bryan Cranston once predicted that there wouldn't be any type of sequel to Breaking Bad, a prediction that has turned out to be false - much to the excitement for an overwhelming number of fans. Cranston portrayed the central character, Walter White, for all five seasons of the series created by Vince Gilligan.

After years of talk centering on a sequel, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will hit Netflix on October 11, 2019. The sequel movie plans to focus on Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following his escape from Jack Welker'compoundnd at the end of Breaking Bad. Walt is presumed dead and Jesse is still on the run from the DEA as they are looking for answers regarding the deaths of their agents, Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez, as well as the meth lab operation. According to the trailer that was released in August, the DEA is looking at Jesse's closest friends for insight into his whereabouts.

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Before Breaking Bad came to an end in 2013, Cranston and Paul were in the same position as viewers, wondering how the outstanding drama was going to come to an end. A special video was included in the complete Breaking Bad DVD box set that featured the two actors reading the Breaking Bad series finale script together for the first time. The footage (via @RulerOfLatveria on Twitter) showed Cranston and Paul as they read through the final scene of the series finale episode. After finishing the script, Cranston took a moment to compose his thoughts before stating "so, I guess there won't be a sequel." After a smile, Cranston pointed out that Jesse survived the ending, something that Gilligan kept in mind for the show's future.

Gilligan reportedly reached out to Paul about a sequel project in 2017 and mentioned that he had something planned to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Breaking Bad's debut. The following year, traction on the project started to get moving and it was revealed to be a Breaking Bad film. Many details regarding the plot and returning cast remained a secret but the movie was filmed in Albuquerque in 2018 under the title "Greenbrier." Cranston had confirmed the production of the film but wouldn't confirm or deny his involvement.

Netflix and AMC didn't officially announce the sequel until February 2019. The title was revealed during the first trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which dropped in late August. The footage focused on Skinny Pete as he was being questioned about Jesse's location. Charles Baker, who played Skinny Pete, has since been confirmed to appear in the film, as well as Matt L. Jones, who played Badger. There's no word about which other Breaking Bad characters will appear in the film.

It's understandable why Cranston would think there wouldn't be a sequel. Paul was a little emotional while reading the script, claiming that he was sad but deeming it the perfect ending. It's no surprise that Gilligan would want to wait a few years to let the first ending of the drama settle with viewers. Now that enough time has passed, Gilligan can revisit the life of Jesse and other Breaking Bad characters. It's important to note that just because Walt might be dead, it doesn't mean Cranston will be absent from El Camino.

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