'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Will Air in 2012 & 2013

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AMC has decided to split the fifth and final season of its award-winning meth drama Breaking Bad into two parts, according to star Bryan Cranston.

In a recent interview Cranston announced the news of how the new 16-episode season 5 will be set up; “We're splitting it. We're going to shoot the first eight, then take a four-month production break, then the rest will air next year."

While the network has not officially declared a premiere date for Breaking Bad’s return, some of the show's actors let it slip via Twitter that we can expect the saga of Walter White to continue in July. In regards to the much-anticipated season opener, Cranston had this to say;

We pick up right where we left off,’’ Cranston goes on to add “We’re cleaning up the pieces from last season’s huge ordeal where Gus Fring was forced to meet his maker. It’s not as easy as Walter thought. And as we’ve discovered over the years, you don’t really know who Walter White is. I’m still discovering who he is and I’m trying to allow myself to be open to him going darker and darker. There’s physical danger to himself and his family, plus there’s the emotional danger due to his anger and hubris. It’s about the evil that men do and where that takes him.

Cranston is also expected to direct the ninth episode of Breaking Bad‘s final season, which will be the midseason opener in 2013. Cranston will dip back into comedy, in a manner of speaking, by directing the upcoming April 11th episode of ABC’s Modern Family.

A studio spokesperson has stated that the splitting of the fifth season is just one option being considered - but by the looks of it, this is more of an actual plan than something being considered.  AMC splitting up a season is nothing new, as the network has done so already with the three-month division of  season 2 of The Walking Dead. Then again,  a whole yearlong wait between halves may be a bit to excessive.


If the shows actors are correct, expect to see the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad  season 5 premiere this July.

Source:  TV Guide

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