Breaking Bad: Season 3 Premiere Review & Discussion

AMC's hit series, ‘Breaking Bad’, returns for a third season. Will Walter be able to put his life back together? Is Jesse able to stay sober? Find out our feelings and then tell us what you think

[Spoiler Warning: If you’ve yet to watch the third season premiere of Breaking Bad, continue on your own accord!]

Taking place a week after the events of the second season finale of Breaking Bad, Donald Margolis, the father of Jane Margolis, Jesse’s one-time girlfriend, is shown to be the cause of the plane crash. As a flight controller, the distressed Mr. Margolis returns to work too soon after the loss of his daughter.

With a declaration of “I am not a criminal,” Walter White decides to get out of drug making trade by cutting ties, burning all his money and telling his wife, Skyler, everything. But his retirement may be short-lived as Gustavo offers Walt $3 million for three months of his work – “then you’re out.

After finding Walter’s second cell phone, Skyler seeks the advice of a divorce lawyer who tells her to leave “leave no stone unturned” when finding out if Walter is hiding anything, but Walter’s revelations prove to be too much to handle as Skyler decides it would be better if he moves out – despite what Walter Jr. thinks.

While Jesse Pinkman battles his addiction in rehab, he continues to blame himself for the death of Jane and considering it is Walt who ultimately arrives to take him home the newly-sober Jesse, he still doesn’t know that it was Walter who is at fault for the death of his beloved Jane - yet.

If things couldn’t get any worse for Walter, the introduction of two deadly hombres from south of the border may soon prove to be the most severe problem as they’ve got one thing on their mind, killing the illusive Heisenberg.


Upon reflection, I wasn’t satisfied with how things were left at the end of the second season. I felt the plane crash was a heavy handed metaphor for Walter’s life at the time and ultimately, an implausible coincidence. Luckily, at the beginning of the third season premiere, all metaphors were instantly washed away as logic provides the real reason of the deadly plane crash.

As Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul return to their roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, things may be a bit different as the premiere slightly touches upon the fact that their personalities are somewhat interchanging.  As Walter was the one-time composed leader continuously trying to reign in the irresponsible Jesse, things are now different as rehab and the death of Jesse's love, Jane, has not only made him more reflective in his actions, but as the coming episodes will show, more methodical in his planning all while Walter, with his life crumbling around him, has trouble keeping his composure during a high-school assembly.

Cranston and Paul’s co-stars also begin to truly shine as their character’s become more pronounced. Skyler’s anger for Walter builds and she becomes more vindictive, Walter Jr. makes his feelings about his mother known – with the use of foul language – and everyone’s favorite DEA agent brother-in-law becomes even more frustrated with those who deal drugs and ends up…. well, you’ll have to wait 'til the second and third episodes to see.

While overall, the season premiere was enjoyable, if AMC wouldn’t have provided me with the first three episodes to watch, I would have been a bit more down on the season premiere as there’s an obvious lack of fluidity in terms of the story. While you may or may not agree, I’m happy say that, as the individual character story-lines being overlapping in the second and third episodes, the problem is rectified.

Also, the return of Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman in next week's episode doesn’t hurt…

Final Thoughts

While slow at times, the third season premiere of Breaking Bad provides viewers with just a taste of what’s to come as it’s the second and third episodes where things start coming together and series really kicks back into gear.


What did you think of the season premiere? Did you agree with me when I said that there could have been more fluidity in the episode?

Where do you think this series will take Walter and Jesse’s relationship? Do you think the cause of Jane’s death will finally be revealed?

Is there any way to repair Walter and Skyler’s marriage? Do you think him telling her about his past drug manufacturing will put Skyler in danger?

Who are these mysterious men that are after Heisenberg? Why are they after him? What will happen when they find him?

Catch the third season premiere of Breaking Bad tonight @ 10pm on AMC.

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