10 Breaking Bad Movies We Want To See After El Camino

Going into El Camino, the new spin-off movie from Breaking Bad, most fans just wanted to see how it would justify its own existence. It told the story of what happened to Jesse following the events of “Felina,” Breaking Bad’s series finale. Jesse got a happy ending in the finale, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet, so Vince Gilligan made a movie to explain what happened next.

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And it was so beautifully shot and gave such a heartfelt send-off to a beloved icon that it more than justified its existence. In fact, now, fans want to see more Breaking Bad movies. Here are 10 Breaking Bad Movies We Want To See After El Camino.

10 A buddy cop movie starring Hank and Gomez

It was always fun to see Hank Schrader’s buddy-cop dynamic with his partner Steven Gomez, bantering in the car and having each other’s backs in a shootout and using their tricks to get around needing a warrant to search a place. Maybe there’s a chance to make a buddy cop movie about this pair.

The last time we see them in Breaking Bad, in the knockout episode “Ozymandias,” we see them take on Uncle Jack and neither of them make it out alive. The movie could start off with that scene told exclusively from their perspectives and continually flash back throughout their relationship – meeting each other, tackling their first case together, becoming best friends – before returning to their deaths with new context.

9 Gus Fring’s rise to power

Gus Fring has been featured heavily in Better Call Saul, but we still haven’t seen any of his backstory. When we see him in Better Call Saul, he already runs a fried chicken empire alongside a meth empire. We don’t know any more about him now than we did when we saw him in Breaking Bad.

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His origin story, from his upbringing in Chile to his immigration to the United States to slowly building his criminal empire from the ground up could be like The Godfather Part II for the Breaking Bad universe. Against all odds, it might even make Gus seem more sympathetic.

8 What ever happened to Huell?

El Camino acts as a sort of sequel to the series finale of Breaking Bad. “Felina” gave us the end of Jesse’s story on the show, but he wasn’t in the clear yet, so El Camino swooped in to give him that little extra push to happiness. Ever since the final season aired, fans have wondered what happened to Huell after Hank left him in a safe house and then got killed, never to return.

Huell has been featured in Better Call Saul, but as a prequel, that doesn’t explain what happened to him. With all of his criminal contacts quickly being taken down in the wake of Heisenberg’s death and the raid on Jack’s Nazi meth compound, Huell will be just as screwed as Jesse was at the beginning of El Camino. In fact, it’ll be worse – Huell was in DEA custody!

7 Slippin’ Jimmy

We’ve seen some flashbacks to Jimmy McGill’s old life as “Slippin’ Jimmy” peppered throughout Better Call Saul, like the time he convinced a woman that he was Kevin Costner (first mentioned in Breaking Bad). But it would be fun to see a whole movie exploring Jimmy’s past.

As Better Call Saul has proven, he’s an infinitely interesting character – he might even be a more compelling lead than Walter White was – so there’s no question that Slippin’ Jimmy could hold the audience’s attention for a feature-length runtime. The plot could involve Jimmy planning a big score or something, and a young Chuck could be featured.

6 Badger and Skinny Pete

Among other things, El Camino has reminded fans how much they used to enjoy watching Badger and Skinny Pete bicker about science fiction and video games. In that movie, Pete gave Jesse a bunch of cash for the titular car that the cops were looking for, so that when they came knocking, he could say that Jesse gave him the car and that he doesn’t know where he went.

Pete assured Jesse that he could pass a lie detector test. And that was it. We could see this explored further in a movie, as the cops actually do come asking about the car. Maybe what follows is Badger and Skinny Pete taking the car on a road trip.

5 The story of Grey Matter

There was some serious bad blood between Walter White and Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz over the course of five seasons of Breaking Bad. Walt and Elliott had formed Grey Matter, a chemical firm that was really successful, and due to some complications, Walt left the company and became a financially struggling chemistry teacher while Elliott and Gretchen went on to become rich.

They were featured in the finale, as Walt gave them money to give to Skyler and Walt, Jr. It would be interesting to see the details of Walt and Elliott’s falling-out over Grey Matter in a spin-off movie.

4 Someone finds Walt’s money

Perhaps Vince Gilligan could make a whole movie about an entirely new character who happens upon Walt’s money. There would be hints at the wider Breaking Bad world, with the gangsters looking for that money and the cops chasing down those who stole it being familiar faces from the flagship series and Better Call Saul.

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But the focus would be on the human condition of this character and the close friends that they share the money with. This is the kind of situation that puts people’s loyalties to the test. It could be Shallow Grave set in the New Mexico desert.

3 Mike’s days as a cop in Philly

Jonathan Banks

We’ve seen various hints at Mike’s past as a beat cop in Philadelphia, but it would be great to see a movie that simply shows him as a young man, trying to solve a case. It could be set around the time that his son was born. With today’s CGI technology, there’s no reason to recast the role, either.

Jonathan Banks can be digitally de-aged and given some hair to look like he did in Beverly Hills Cop or 48 Hrs. in the sort of era in which this movie would be set. El Camino could be the tip of the iceberg on feature-length Breaking Bad character studies. Instead of El Camino’s flashbacks, this one could feature flash-forwards.

2 How Huell met Kuby

kuby huell breaking bad

Many Breaking Bad fans would consider Huell Babineaux to be the funniest character on the show, and while this is true to an extent, part of what makes him so funny is that he has a straight man to play off of. That straight man is Patrick Kuby. Huell has appeared on Better Call Saul, but Kuby hasn’t – how did this pair meet?

Lavell Crawford and Bill Burr always had hysterical on-screen chemistry, and they have the kind of job in the criminal underworld where no two days are the same, so there’s a chance for a Coens-esque crime caper involving these two.

1 Skyler and Walt, Jr. deal with the aftermath

There’s a subset of the Breaking Bad fan base that would kick up a fuss if Skyler White ever got the spotlight again, but there’s a chance for a very interesting story if a spin-off movie explores Skyler and Walt, Jr. facing the immediate aftermath of Walt being found out. El Camino showed plenty of news footage to suggest that the Heisenberg story is all over the media.

For years, Skyler was an accessory to Walt’s crimes. Maybe the feds believe that Skyler and Walt, Jr. have been hiding some money for themselves and having handed over all of it. How will Walt, Jr.’s classmates react to his dad, the chemistry teacher, being a drug lord? There’s a lot to cover.

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