Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Trailer Releasing Soon, Says Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul revealed that a trailer for El Camino, the movie followup focusing on Jesse Pinkman, will be released very soon.

The trailer for El Camino will be released soon, according to star Aaron Paul. The movie followup to Breaking Bad, and specifically the character of Jesse Pinkman, is set to premiere next month but has been kept under wraps. Soon, it seems, fans might finally get a glimpse of the much-discussed film.

In the final episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White rescues Pinkman, his long-suffering partner in crime as a way of making amends for their complicated history. Pinkman’s end certainly wasn’t as tragic as it could have been, considering the alternatives, yet it wasn’t joyous either. The character was last seen speeding away in a car, shouting, with tears running down his face, clearly changed by all the trauma he’s endured. Although information about El Camino are intentionally scant, there are some details which have been revealed. It seems that the aftermath of Breaking Bad has been even worse for Jesse than viewers might have imagined: Pinkman is a fugitive. He’s running from his captors, the DEA, and more personally, his past. His whereabouts, at least at the beginning of El Camino are unknown, but that may change very soon.

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In a tweet from Aaron Paul, who has numerous awards for his portrayal of Walter White’s conflicted understudy, the actor acknowledged that there are many who want to see a glimpse of El Camino, perhaps even a trailer. He seemed to suggest that a trailer would be dropping very soon. Paul also ended his tweet with a set of emojis sufficient enough to sum up Breaking Bad for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet.

It’s quite a turnaround for Paul, who will next be seen in the third season of Westworld, given that he’s only recently started to promote El Camino. The secrecy extends beyond Paul, with casting details and character returns being concealed even though the film’s premiere date is merely weeks away. It’s understandable in one sense. Breaking Bad was both an undeniable cultural phenomenon and, to many, it’s considered one of the best television shows of all time. The drama explored how good intentions, desperation, and hubris could blend together to destroy lives. It has left a sprawling legacy, which includes the successful spin-off Better Call Saul.

Audiences will soon be able to judge, in theaters and on Netflix, whether or not El Camino lives up to the legacy of Breaking Bad, or if it’s cited as another unfortunate example of a story continuing beyond its natural conclusion. But either way, according to Aaron Paul, a new look at the highly-anticipated project (Netflix released a teaser in late August) could be imminent.

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Source: Aaron Paul

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