El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer - Skinny Pete Protects Jesse Pinkman

Netflix officially releases a trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, starring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

The official trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is officially released online. AMC's acclaimed drama concluded its run back in 2013, but Vince Gilligan found multiple ways to continue telling stories in his Albuquerque underworld. Spinoff series Better Call Saul has been on the air since 2015, carving out a nice place for itself as one of the finer shows on the air today. Outside of Saul Goodman's compelling origin story, there's also been plenty of talk lately about a Breaking Bad movie, which would be a sequel to the series starring Jesse Pinkman.

Word of the project first came out in the fall, with Gilligan reportedly writing and directing, and several Breaking Bad alumni returning in their roles. Curiously enough, AMC never officially confirmed the movie, but Bob Odenkirk made the surprising revelation earlier this week that it had already been shot. As a matter of fact, the film is only a couple of months away from being available to view, as revealed by the new trailer.

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Today, Netflix released the trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which will start streaming on Netflix October 11. They also unveiled an official poster. Check out both in the space below:

Rather than showcase Aaron Paul back in his signature role, the trailer instead focuses on the larger story surrounding Jesse Pinkman. Jesse's whereabouts and current state are unknown, but fans learn the DEA remains hot on his trail and are in pursuit of any lead they can find. That's why Skinny Pete is being interrogated, but he unsurprisingly isn't giving anything up. It'll be interesting to see if Skinny Pete is actually completely in the dark, or if he's covering for his friend. It's possible Jesse would prefer to go on the run without any help, since he wouldn't want to endanger anyone close to him. Jesse went through a lot in Breaking Bad, and he's probably close to reaching his tipping point. Per the official synopsis, El Camino will be about Jesse wrestling with his past as he carves out a future, so it sounds like this will provide definitive closure for his character's arc.

Though six years have passed since Breaking Bad signed off the air, it sounds like El Camino takes place not too long after the series finale. Skinny Pete mentions he saw what happened to Jesse on the news, referencing Pinkman's captivity in Uncle Jack's gang. That implies the Breaking Bad finale is still a current event by the time El Camino picks up, though it remains to be seen just how much time has passed. Whatever the case, it seems as if Jesse is in dire straits, and hopefully he's in a better place by the time the credits roll.

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Source: Netflix

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