Everything We Know About The Breaking Bad Movie

Breaking Bad is returning with a new TV movie from Vince Gilligan. We go through all you need to know about the upcoming project.

Breaking Bad may have been off the air since the series finale in 2013, but the acclaimed program is coming back by way of a TV movie. AMC is currently in the business of expanding their trademark properties (see: Andrew Lincoln's Walking Dead movies), so it isn't surprising Vince Gilligan's acclaimed crime saga is being revived. Plot details are unknown, but Gilligan is directing and Aaron Paul is reprising his famous character of Jesse Pinkman. Here's all you need to know about the Breaking Bad movie.

  • Release Date: N/A
  • Cast: Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Krysten Ritter, Jesse Plemons, Jonathan Banks, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, Robert Forster
  • Director: Vince Gilligan
  • Writer: Vince Gilligan

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Breaking Bad Movie Will Be On Netflix & AMC

It goes without saying that AMC, which has been home to Breaking Bad from the very beginning, would also get the movie. However, it appears the network won't be the first place people can see it. Per reports, the Breaking Bad film will premiere on Netflix before airing on AMC at a later date. This means fans may want to make sure their subscriptions are in line so they can see the movie as soon as possible and not be spoiled.

Aaron Paul Returns As Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

The irony here is impossible to miss. Originally, Gilligan envisioned Jesse dying in the first season of Breaking Bad, but he was so impressed with Paul's performance, he kept the character around. Over time, Jesse transformed into the show's twisted moral compass, and now the fan-favorite is headlining a feature film. When word of the Breaking Bad movie first broke, Paul was said to be attached, returning to his signature role.

The Movie Is A Breaking Bad Sequel

Breaking Bad Walter White

One of the few things people do know about the project is that the movie is primarily set after the events of Breaking Bad, following Jesse's exploits after he escaped from Uncle Jack's gang. Fans have spent the better part of five years speculating what happened to the character, so it'll be interesting to see what Gilligan and crew came up with. One popular theory is that Jesse went to find Brock, son of his late girlfriend Andrea (who died in season 5), but AMC and Gilligan have not shared any narrative specifics yet.

Other Returning Breaking Bad Characters

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Jesse isn't the only familiar face viewers will reunite with during the movie. Reports state several Breaking Bad alumni are coming back for the ride. These include Bryan Cranston, Krysten Ritter, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Plemons, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, and Robert Forster (among others). Since several of these characters, like Walter White, Jane, and Mike Ehrmantraut, died during the explosive events of Breaking Bad, their participation in the movie suggests Gilligan will jump around the timeline, a trope he's used on Better Call Saul.

The Breaking Bad Movie Does Not Have An Official Title

Jesse Pinkman Breaking bad

Currently, the film does not have an official title and is known simply as Greenbrier. The dictionary defines the term as "a green-stemmed North American vine of the lily family," so it's anyone's guess how (or if) this factors into the narrative. Right now, fans would be best-served not reading too much into it, since some working titles are intentionally goofy to throw people off the scent. But there's no denying greenbrier's definition will call to mind the infamous lily of the valley.

Vince Gilligan Is Writing and Directing

Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad

Going back to the Breaking Bad pilot in 2008, Gilligan has been the main driving force behind this entire franchise. That isn't changing for the movie. Not only is he writing the script, he'll also call the shots. Gilligan has plenty of experience there thanks to his numerous Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul credits, so there isn't a better person for the job. He knows this universe inside and out, and should be able to do the story justice.

There's No Breaking Bad Movie Trailer

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman relaxing in Breaking Bad

The Breaking Bad movie allegedly started filming in fall 2018 (though there was never an official announcement on that front), so it isn't surprising there aren't any marketing materials yet. In all likelihood, the promotional campaign won't start until production wraps and AMC looks to generate hype for the project.

More Breaking Bad News

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