Breaking Bad Movie: 10 Questions They Will Have To Answer From The Series

Breaking Bad has been hailed as one of the greatest television shows of all-time. The show went out on top with a satisfying end that still left fans wanting more. Luckily, now the story will continue with a movie focusing on Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman following the events of the show’s finale.

While the show wrapped up Walter White’s story quite nicely, there is still a lot left open about Jesse and where he goes from here. The exact details of the film are not known, but we’re hoping they address some of those burning questions we’ve had since 2013! Here are the biggest questions from the series we need the movie to answer.

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10 Is Huell Still In That Room?

Huell Babineaux is one of Saul Goodman’s trusted hired-hands, carving out a number of unsavory tasks for him. He is a slow-moving man of few words, but is always a treat to see whenever he popped up. When Breaking Bad ended, many fans worried about what became of Huell.

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When last we saw him, Hank was tricking Huell into thinking Walt was going to kill him to tie up loose ends. Hank brings Huell to a cheap motel and advises him to stay there until it’s safe. Of course, Hank never came back, so is Huell still sitting on that bed waiting to be rescued?

9 How Did Jesse Get Away?

Though he started out as a somewhat obnoxious drug dealer, by the end of the series, everyone was cheering for Jesse to make it out alive. After Walt terminated all of his captors, Jesse is free to drive off into the distance and away from that horrible situation.

However, shortly after Jesse leaves the neo-Nazi compound, the police show up. Did Jesse really have enough time to get away without the cops seeing him flee? It would be a shame for him to go through all that only to be arrested. Maybe the movie will explain his escape.

8 What Happened To Skylar?

Though the new film is going to focus on Jesse’s future, there are several other characters we’d like to check in on. One of the characters we’re most worried about is Skylar. When we see her in the finale, Skyler is a shell of her former self.

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Walt threatened Elliott and Gretchen into giving some of their fortunes to Walt’s family, but it’s not clear if that worked. We hope to get some indication of how Skyler and the rest of the family are now coping with the consequences of Walt’s crimes.

7 Does Jesse Speak To His Parents?

In Breaking Bad, we are given some insight into Jesse’s difficult relationship with his parents. They, understandably, do not approve of Jesse’s lifestyle and that has caused them to keep him at a distance. However, they also have appeared somewhat unfair and unsympathetic to their own son’s struggles.

They weren’t seen in the series since the third season so it’s likely they’ve broken off communication with Jesse. However, it would be interesting to see if Jesse seeks them out for some sort of closure after everything he’s been through.

6 Where’s Walt’s Money?

Through his drug empire, Walt became a very rich man. Sadly, most of that money was taken by Jack Welker and his gang. However, Walt is left with one barrel of money which he still has after he goes on the run from the law.

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That is a lot of money that is still unaccounted for. It could be presumed that Ed, the man who helped Walt disappear, took the money, but it’s unconfirmed. It may be an unimportant question, but perhaps Jesse will go looking for the missing loot.

5 What Happened To Brock?

Despite the violent world he belongs to, Jesse is a kind-hearted person. We have seen many times in the series that he just wants to find people he loves and settle down with them, leaving the life of crime behind. It seemed like he found that with Andrea and her son Brock.

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After trying to escape from Jack’s compound, Andrea is killed by Todd as punishment. This leaves the obvious question of what happens to poor Brock. Given how much Jesse cared for the boy, it’s likely he’d try to seek him out now that he’s on his own.

4 What Has Jesse Been Doing?

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman woodworking in Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman has been through a lot throughout the series of Breaking Bad. When we see him riding off into the distance in the finale episode, we’re happy for him. But you can’t help but wonder where he goes from here.

After enduring so much misery, what has Jesse’s life been like since the events of Breaking Bad? Maybe he spent time in prison. Maybe he’s been on the run. There’s so much we want to know about how he’s been dealing with all of this and hopefully, the film takes the time to reveal it all.

3 What Does Jesse Think Of Walt?

The relationship between Jesse and Walt was at the center of Breaking Bad and has gone through a lot of changes. They have been both friends and enemies and everything in between. But now with Walt gone, we wonder what Jesse thinks of his former collaborator.

Their relationship had a complicated end to be sure. Jesse tried getting Walt locked away. Walt handed Jesse over to Jack Welker and confessed he let Jane die. However, Walt also helped save Jesse... Does Jesse still hate the man who caused him so much pain or has he forgiven him?

2 What Happened To Badger And Skinny Pete?

Badger and Skinny Peter were two of the most amusing side characters in Breaking Bad. Friends of Jesse’s, they were small players in the larger drug empire but often made their presence known. We last see them helping Walt threaten Elliott and Gretchen in the finale.

Given that they were some of the only people who were close to Jesse for much of the series, it’s not hard to imagine they might pop back up in his life. It would be fun to see how these two have been handling themselves in the subsequent years.

1 Will Jesse Find Saul?

Unlike many spin-off shows that came before, Better Call Saul is actually a worthy companion piece to its original series. It’s fun to see where Saul Goodman came from and to get hints at how his future panned out once it all came crashing down.

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It’s hard not to imagine the possibilities if that series were to somehow crossover with this Jesse Pinkman movie. Would Saul be aware Jesse is still out there? Would Jesse be looking for Saul? There are so many possibilities and we’re dying to see these two meet again.

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