Breaking Bad: 10 Questions About Jesse Pinkman We Need Answered In The New Movie

Now that a Breaking Bad movie will be premiering on Netflix, what will it reveal about the fate of Jesse Pinkman?

A Breaking Bad sequel movie starring Aaron Paul reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman has been announced at AMC. Although Breaking Bad is remembered as possibly the greatest television series ever made, it did leave a few unanswered questions and unresolved plot threads behind.

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The new movie, which will be written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan, has an opportunity to answer those questions and tie up those loose ends. So, as the movie heads rapidly into production under the New Mexico sun, here are 10 questions about Jesse Pinkman we need answered in the new Breaking Bad movie.

10 Did he make it out of the compound?

A lot of viewers noticed in the timeline of the Breaking Bad series finale “Felina” that Jesse might not have had enough time to drive out of the Nazis’ compound by the time police cars are heard muffled in the background as Walt lies on the floor of the lab.

Some people think Jesse just drove right into a police blockade and got arrested or killed. Since this wasn’t actually shown, viewers were left to interpret it how they wanted. If they wanted Jesse to survive, he survived. But now that the movie is coming out, we’ll find out once and for all what really happened.

9 Will he make it to Alaska?

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman woodworking in Breaking Bad

Jesse often spoke about a future in Alaska. It came up a few times as what he thought would be his ticket out of the Albuquerque meth trade. This is probably because Alaska’s cold climate would make living there the opposite of the sunny New Mexico life Jesse wants to leave behind.

If he’s going to switch from a life of crime to a life of peace, then it would make sense to switch his location from one of the hottest places in America to one of the coldest. We’ve seen Saul Goodman fulfill his wishes of working at a Cinnabon in Nebraska in black-and-white in Better Call Saul. Perhaps Jesse will get the same treatment.

8 Is Walt really dead – and is he finished with Jesse?

Breaking Bad Finale

The last time we saw Walt, he was lying on the floor of a meth lab, bleeding out, set to the soothing sounds of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.” While we saw him get shot and lie down, we didn’t actually see him die. Maybe he survived. He and Jesse didn’t get the ending their relationship deserved.

It was based on The Searchers (no words), but they still have unfinished business. Bryan Cranston has hinted he could be involved in the movie, saying that he has at least been contacted about the film by Vince Gilligan, so maybe Walt isn’t dead after all.

7 What happened to the taped confession Jesse made with Hank?

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

During the brief period in which Jesse and Hank were in cahoots, working towards catching Walt, they made a taped confession in which Jesse outlined pretty much every crime the two of them committed over the course of the series. Uncle Jack and the other neo-Nazis watched this confession video and laughed as Jesse cried.

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But that video is still out there. Jesse might not be home free after all, because that video is out there and it is more than enough to convict him. Maybe the movie will revolve around Jesse’s quest to erase the video, or the DEA’s quest to find him.

6 What happened to Brock?

Jesse was only just finding happiness when he fell for Andrea and became a soft father figure for her son Brock. It seemed like they would be happy together forever. But then Walt poisoned Brock and the Nazis killed Andrea on her doorstep. After that, Jesse was broken emotionally and therefore an ideal meth slave for the compound.

However, we never found out Brock’s fate. Is Jesse going to become his full-time caregiver and whisk him away to Alaska? It seems like an oversight not to explain the boy’s fate, and this movie is the perfect opportunity to tie up that loose end.

5 Will he find the rest of Walt’s money?

Walter White Hiding Money In Breaking Bad Buried

Walt has a total of about $70 million in cash all stuffed into barrels somewhere. We don’t know where they are, because Walt shot Uncle Jack in the face when he was about to tell him the location. Jesse tossed his share of the last meth cook for which he was a free man out the window of his car and into a bunch of people’s backyards.

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So, he’s got nothing to his name besides the car he stole. He could really do with that money to get him out of the country, or at least the state, while the cops pursue him.

4 Why did Walt save Jesse?

Walt went into Uncle Jack’s compound with a giant machine gun in the trunk of his car and a not-so-meticulous plan to avenge Hank’s death. He also wanted to take down Jesse for betraying him. But at the last second, he decided to jump on Jesse and save his life.

In the chaos, Walt ended up taking a bullet to the torso, which is ultimately what killed him (or almost killed him before the cops and paramedics saved him). So, he basically gave his own life to save Jesse’s when his intention all along was to kill Jesse. Why? There are a few theories, but we should find out for sure in the movie.

3 Why did Jesse spare Walt’s life?

After Walt jumps on Jesse and holds him down during the gunfire, saving his life, Jesse still hasn’t forgiven him and briefly considers shooting him in the head. But then he decides to spare his life and leaves. Some fans have compared this to western movies, because Vince Gilligan has often called Breaking Bad a contemporary western.

The worst thing for a cowboy was to take a “gut shot,” like Walt does in the final confrontation with the Aryans. He’d want his men to shoot him in the head to give him a quick death as opposed to a slow one, but Jesse decided not to grant him that mercy and left. It might not have been a kind act, but rather a sadistic one. We’ll see.

2 Is Jesse really free?

According to the New Mexico Film Office, the Breaking Bad movie was approved for production under the working title Greenbriar and it was reported to follow “the escape of a man and his quest for freedom.” Was that all smoke and mirrors to throw us off or is there some merit to this plot summary?

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Now that we know the movie is about what Jesse got up to after the end of the series, maybe he’s intercepted on his way out of the Nazis’ compound and taken. Or maybe it just refers to his escape from the Nazis’ clutches in “Felina.” Who knows? It almost definitely won’t be a clean break for him, knowing this universe.

1 Will the cops catch up with him?

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

After the series finale first aired in 2013 and Vince Gilligan was asked about Jesse Pinkman’s fate, he said, “My personal feeling is that he got away. But the most likely thing, as negative as this sounds, is that they’re going to find this kid’s fingerprints all over this lab and they’re going to find him within a day or a week or a month.”

Perhaps the movie will see Jesse on the run after the cops find those fingerprints. It lines up with the vague plot details we have so far: the "escape" could refer to Jesse’s escape from the Aryans in “Felina,” while his “quest for freedom” could refer to him fleeing the cops.

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