Breaking Bad: Mike Ehrmantraut Will Be In El Camino Movie

Jonathan Banks

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Jonathan Banks confirms he will reprise his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in the El Camino movie. In just a couple of weeks, the Breaking Bad story continues with a feature film that picks up moments after the events of the explosive "Felina." The main narrative follows Jesse Pinkman, as he attempts to elude both sides of the law and make a new future for himself. Fans got a new look at the film last night with the premiere of a second teaser trailer.

Right now, El Camino has been defined by its secrecy. The movie was completed under cover of darkness, and wasn't officially confirmed until Netflix released the first trailer in late August. Vince Gilligan and company have done an admirable job keeping the project under lock and key, controlling the information rollout in a way that might make Marvel or Star Wars envious. That secrecy extends to which characters will be seen in the film. Jesse isn't the only returning face from Breaking Bad; his friends Skinny Pete and Badger are confirmed, as well as several unnamed others. Now, one of those mystery figures has been revealed.

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In an interview with ET Canada while at the Primetime Emmys, Banks confirmed he will play Mike Ehrmantraut in El Camino. The actor joked he'll be hit on the head for spilling the secret, but figured his response was harmless:

“They’ll hit me in the head for saying this, but yes, why not? None of those guys hit very hard anyway.”

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut and Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman Jimmy James McGill in Better Call Saul

Mike, of course, died in Breaking Bad season 5, so his scenes will most likely be flashbacks or dream sequences. There have been a couple of hints El Camino was going to jump around the timeline and tell a nonlinear story, such as a reported cast list that included the likes of Bryan Cranston and Krysten Ritter (who played Walter White and Jesse's girlfriend, Jane). It'll be interesting to see how these pieces fall into place; there's always a concern cameos of fan-favorite characters could be just cheap fan service. However, with Gilligan, things tend to be more organic. In four seasons of Better Call Saul, Walter hasn't been mentioned at all, and the only possible reference to Jesse is through dialogue describing an anonymous new drug dealer. Gilligan has never been one to take easy bait, so if Mike is back, there's probably a good reason.

With this, four out of the 10 returning Breaking Bad characters in El Camino have been revealed. Fans will no doubt spend the next couple of weeks attempting to deduce the last six. Walter and Jane seem like distinct possibilities, and if Jesse remains haunted by his past, there's a good chance his other late girlfriend, Andrea, makes an appearance (Jesse went through the wringer on Breaking Bad). Perhaps some of Jesse's relatives, like his parents or younger brother, will pop up. In the earliest seasons of Breaking Bad, Jesse's family had recurring parts, and in his desperation, Jesse could conceivably turn to them for help. Fortunately, it won't be much longer until fans know all the answers.

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Source: ET Canada

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