Breaking Bad Movie Betting Odds Suggest Jesse Pinkman Survives El Camino

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie prop bets suggest Jesse Pinkman will survive the film's events. After Jesse sped away in "Felina," many fans envisioned a happy future for the character. Creator Vince Gilligan left Jesse's ending intentionally ambiguous, allowing viewers to project whatever scenario they wanted. What this choice also did was leave the door open for a followup, and in just a couple of weeks audiences will finally see what became of Jesse Pinkman after Breaking Bad.

The El Camino trailers have shown Jesse did not find "something better" (at least not yet). Instead, he's a fugitive running from both sides of the law as he struggles to come to terms with his past and attempts to carve out a satisfying future. Jesse is definitely in dire straits during the movie, which has raised questions if he's going to live through this finale Gilligan cooked up. At least in the eyes of the odds makers, Jesse is going to keep his life.

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BetOnline (hat tip The Wrap) came out with a list of El Camino prop bets for fans to gamble on. "Will Jesse Pinkman Die?" is obviously a prominent one. They have the odds set at 11/10 for yes and 2/3 for no. Other notable props include the method of Jesse's death, a Walter White appearance (1/20 for yes), and a Saul Goodman appearance (1/5 for yes).

Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman El Camino Breaking Bad Movie

Always a show with intense drama, Breaking Bad was never afraid to kill off its characters. There were never any John Wick style body count totals, but there were multiple impactful deaths that were crucial developments in the series. Arguably, it would be surprising if there were no deaths in El Camino, so it will be interesting to see what happens to Jesse on his quest for peace. It's worth remembering Gilligan toyed with killing Jesse off in Breaking Bad season 1, but changed his mind after seeing Aaron Paul's performance. It would be poetic if, in what is surely Paul's swan song in his defining role, Gilligan revisited that idea and gave Jesse an emotionally powerful death. Killing the character now would definitely pack more of a punch than it would have back in 2008.

Breaking Bad fans are no strangers to devastating twists, but Jesse dying would perhaps be the toughest development to endure. Over the course of the series, he evolved into the beating heart of the show; as Walter White sunk further and further into villainy, Jesse was the closest thing Breaking Bad had to a moral compass. Watching him escape from Uncle Jack's gang was a triumphant moment for many, so it would be cruel if in Jesse's much-anticipated return, he lost his life. With Gilligan at the helm, there would definitely be meaning behind Jesse's death, but even if it's what's best for the story, that wouldn't make it any easier to see. Hopefully, Jesse does survive El Camino and gets the happy ending fans have dreamed about.

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Source: BetOnline (via The Wrap)

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