El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer Hypes Jesse's Return

El Camino Breaking Bad Movie Title

A new trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is now online. To date, the film's had a very secretive marketing campaign, similar to Avengers: Endgame or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Outside of a very general synopsis, plot details are hard to come by, and the creative team's done an excellent job keeping things under lock and key. In fact, El Camino wasn't even officially confirmed until late August, when a teaser was released, revealing the film would be available to stream in October.

Only a few weeks remain until El Camino is finally unveiled, but Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul have been doing their part to drum up hype. The pair recently took part in a THR cover story where topics like returning Breaking Bad characters and El Camino's accessibility to non-fans were covered. Viewers are already onboard for what Gilligan has in store, but there's always the desire to see a little more before the premiere. Capitalizing on that, a new preview is available.

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Today, Netflix released another El Camino trailer. Watch it for yourself in the space below:

Much like that aforementioned trailer from last month (which showed Skinny Pete being interrogated by the DEA), this new teaser essentially plays as a scene/clip from the movie. In it, Jesse is parked in the middle of the Albuquerque desert, listening to a radio report detailing events from the Breaking Bad finale. While the "nine male victims" are not identified by names, there are plenty of context clues to indicate this is a reference to Uncle Jack's gang and Walter White. It's further evidence that El Camino take place shortly (or even immediately) after "Felina." Six years have passed since audiences last saw Jesse Pinkman onscreen, but there won't be any sizable time jump here. In a way, that makes a lot of sense; the shootout with Uncle Jack's gang was the end of Walter's story, but surely authorities were going to respond to the incident - placing Jesse right in their crosshairs.

When "Felina" first aired in 2013, many fans envisioned a happy future for Jesse as he sped away from all the pain and trauma he endured during Breaking Bad. In actuality, the character is in as rough a place he's even been, pursued by both sides of the law as he attempts to craft a meaningful life for himself. Jesse evolved into the heart of Breaking Bad, and many fans are hoping he does find peace in El Camino. In all likelihood, this will be the last time Aaron Paul plays his trademark role, so it would be nice if Jesse lives and is finally at peace when the credits roll.

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