Bryan Cranston Is Unlikely To Cameo In Breaking Bad Movie

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While Bryan Cranston would love to appear in a Breaking Bad movie, the actor will be busy elsewhere while it's being filmed this fall. When Breaking Bad first aired, Cranston was best known for his work on Malcolm In The Middle, but his dramatic turn as Walter White showed him in a whole new light. Creator Vince Gilligan wanted a show that charted the transformation of an ordinary, somewhat dull family man into a master criminal, and over the course of six seasons, audiences watched as Walter gradually lost his humanity as he built a drug empire.

Considering the damage he left in his wake, Walter at least managed some form of redemption in Breaking Bad’s finale before dying of his wounds. This ending also left the fate of his partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) ambiguous, with the character last seen crying with joy as he drives off into the night. Vince Gilligan wanted viewers to decide for themselves if Jesse managed to escape to a new life, but news recently broke that a Breaking Bad movie is happening and will answer that very question.

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Breaking Bad fans were delighted with this news, though the question of Cranston’s involvement quickly came into question. Walter White is unambiguously dead by the end of the series, but there’s always the chance he could appear via flashback or dream sequence. However, during a recent interview with Today, the actor revealed he hasn’t read a script and his Broadway schedule means he likely won’t be available to shoot anything for it.

I’d love to do a Breaking Bad movie, but I’m doing Broadway now and that’s gonna go until March at least.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

Given the importance of Walter White in Jesse’s story, it makes sense he would have some kind of presence in a Breaking Bad movie. That said, Gilligan is very driven by story, so if he feels a Walt cameo is unnecessary or fan-baiting, then he wouldn’t include one. He’s also shown with spin-off series Better Call Saul that it's more than possible to tell a story set in that world without a gratuitous Walter White appearance, and the movie itself wouldn’t be happening unless the creator had a strong concept for it.

There’s still not much known about the Breaking Bad movie, which has the working title Greenbrier, including whether it will be released theatrically or on television. Nonetheless, it will be exciting to revisit Jesse Pinkman and see how he fared following his bleak ordeal in the final season; fans will no doubt be hoping for a happy ending.

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