Aaron Paul Won't Confirm He's Starring in a Breaking Bad Movie

Breaking Bad Series Finale Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul refuses to confirm that he’s starring in a Breaking Bad movie. The American actor famously portrayed Jesse Pinkman on the AMC series during its five-season run from 2008 to 2013. Last November, reports surfaced that series creator Vince Gilligan was developing a feature film, and it was reported in February that the secret Breaking Bad movie would be released on Netflix and AMC.

On Breaking Bad, Paul’s Jesse Pinkman teamed up with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) to produce and distribute crystallized methamphetamine. Each had different motivations for earning money, and the power dynamics shifted as White gained more clout while Pinkman’s life fell apart. In 2015, AMC premiered a Breaking Bad spinoff series entitled Better Caul Saul, which stars Bob Odenkirk as morally compromised lawyer Saul Goodman. In November, Cranston stated that he’d “absolutely” return for a Breaking Bad movie, and we reported last January that the highly-anticipated film includes series regulars such as Krysten Ritter, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Plemons, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, and Robert Forster. The Breaking Bad movie was reportedly produced in New Mexico under the working title “Greenbrier." 

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Per Variety, Paul still wouldn’t confirm his involvement in the Breaking Bad movie while answering questions at the Sun Valley Film Festival. The actor shifted attention to fan speculation and rumors, and claimed that he hadn’t even heard about a Breaking Bad film. However, Paul did acknowledge who the most logical star of the film would be, stating that “it has to star Jesse.” Five years after Breaking Bad’s final episode, the fate of Walter White is no secret in pop culture, while Jesse Pinkman’s character arc hasn’t been resolved. In February, we discussed 10 questions about Jesse Pinkman that need to be answered in the new Breaking Bad movie. 

For Paul, a Breaking Bad movie would undoubtedly reignite his acting career. After the series ended in 2013, Paul starred in the 2014 films Need for Speed, A Long Way Down, Hellion, and Exodus: Gods and Kings, though he never evolved into a true A-list star. From 2016 to 2018, Paul starred as Eddie Lane on the Hulu series The Path, thus allowing him to display his full skill set as a performer, while maintaining hype for the much-rumored Breaking Bad film.

In April 2018, The Path was officially cancelled, and reports surfaced about “Greenbrier” months later. Given the secretive nature of the production, Paul may be legally obliged to deflect incoming questions about his involvement. At this point, Breaking Bad fans can still likely expect a movie in the near future. As for the Jesse Pinkman storyline's resolution, anything is possible. 

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Source: Variety

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