Breaking Bad Stars Post Cryptic Donkey Photos Teasing Something Soon

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul post cryptic donkey pictures as a means of teasing something coming soon. The actors, of course, portrayed the dynamic duo Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on the acclaimed AMC drama, winning multiple Emmys for their work across five hard-hitting seasons. Their dynamic was a truly fascinating one; over the course of the series, Jesse became the closest thing Breaking Bad had to a twisted moral compass while Walter transitioned into a villainous kingpin obsessed with preserving his meth empire.

Even though Breaking Bad signed off the air nearly six years ago, stories of Vince Gilligan's Albuquerque underworld continue to entertain audiences. Spinoff show Better Call Saul has already completed four captivating seasons and has a fifth on the way next year. Even more interesting is word of the Breaking Bad movie, which is said to be a sequel starring Paul. Details about the film are still hard to come by, though back in January, Cranston was reportedly listed in the cast. And it would appear something on the Breaking Bad front is happening in the very near future.

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Today, Cranston and Paul both posted the same cryptic donkey picture on their Twitter accounts, accompanied only by the caption "Soon." Check them out in the space below:

There is a chance this is related to a mystery collaboration between the two. However, with all the recent chatter about a Breaking Bad feature, Cranston and Paul's tweets will have fans dreaming about a Walt and Jesse reunion. And while the movie is a sequel (set after Walter's death), Cranston has voiced his interest in returning if possible. It seems as if Gilligan found a way, which is exciting to hear. Mr. White, of course, was the main character of Breaking Bad and had a substantial role in Jesse's life, meaning Walter could appear in a flashback or dream sequence. Whatever the case, odds are it'll feel organic to the narrative; Gilligan loves peppering in universe connections, though they're never for the sake of fan service.

It remains to be seen what Cranston and Paul have up their sleeves, but if it's happening "soon," then there should be concrete details revealed shortly. As for any hidden meaning behind the photos, that's difficult to discern. Donkeys do not have a recognizable significance to Breaking Bad, so fans will be left to their own devices trying to decode the tweets. Regardless of what happens (and if this is a Breaking Bad project or not), the prospect of Cranston and Paul working together is very exciting.

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