Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Mobile Game Lets You Be Heisenberg

The Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements mobile game is now available for download, giving fans the chance to be the Heisenberg of their own empire. Running for five seasons, the iconic TV drama became one of the defining shows of its era, garnering widespread popularity and acclaim. Breaking Bad was so successful, it launched a new franchise that continues to expand. Most notably, there's the Better Call Saul spinoff (which will return for its fifth season in 2020) and a rumored feature film starring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

Vince Gilligan's Albuquerque underworld is also breaking into the gaming realm. Earlier this year, it was reported Breaking Bad mobile game was coming through the pipeline. Several months later, it's now out and players can begin establishing themselves as the next kingpin to be feared.

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Today, FTX Games officially announced Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements can now be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases. You can watch a teaser trailer highlighting various aspects of the game in the space below:

When people begin playing, they will start as someone who is an associate of Walter White and Jesse, and try to work their way up the criminal ladder. Other famous Breaking Bad characters like Saul Goodman, Gus Fring, and Mike Ehrmantraut will also be featured. All in all, it looks like a very accurate recreation of the show and should be fun to play. In a way, it'll be reflective of Walt and Jesse's own journey on Breaking Bad. The two started off as smalltime meth dealers before things got out of control and Walt entered the empire business. Based on the short preview, it looks like FTX dedicated a lot of time to make Criminal Elements a cohesive and comprehensive experience that's faithful to the source material. It should be interesting to dive into the story campaign mode and see what missions players are tasked with.

What's more is that Gilligan and members of the Breaking Bad creative team helped "shape and influence" the game, giving it a sense of authenticity that'll add to the experience. The show was renowned for presenting viewers with high-stakes moral and ethical dilemmas. Walt was trying to raise money for his family so they were set financially after he died, but he made some dubious choices along the way (poisoning Brock, letting Jane choke to death, etc.). From the sound of it, Criminal Elements players will have to deal with similar situations of their own, allowing gamers to channel their inner Heisenbergs without dealing with any real-life repercussions.

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Source: FTX Games

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