'Breaking Bad' and Meth in America

Crystal Meth, the controversial drug at the center of the TV series Breaking Bad, has become a popular party drug that in high doses induces euphoria, enhances self-esteem, and increases libido. But with a severe come-down, increased doses required to achieve the same effect, and a long list of dangerous side-effects and health risks, the drug is highly addictive and not something to be trifled with. Today we take a look at the critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad, the role of Meth in the show, and in America.

Fans of Breaking Bad know how dark and crazy the world of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) gets. As a chemistry teacher-turned-meth chef extraordinaire, we've seen Walter and his addict partner, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), nearly lose life, limb, and sanity in their quest to make a fortune in the world of illegal drugs. However, meth itself serves as the proverbial "Maguffin" around which the action and drama of the show revolves; beyond scenes of elaborate chemistry, or characters buzzing off signature blue amphetamine that only Walt can cook, there is very little fact to be gleaned about what the drug is - which is where we come in.

Any Breaking Bad fans (or those interested in getting into the show) who want to know more about the drug that fuels the madness of Walter White's world, need look no further than this handy infographic below. It details the facts about meth, as well as facts about the show chronicling the wild ride of America's two most infamous (and unlikely) cooks:

Breaking Bad and Meth Facts

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