Breaking Bad: 10 Hilarious Jesse Pinkman Screaming Memes

We’re going to be seeing Jesse Pinkman scream it up on our screens soon enough after the announcement of the Breaking Bad spin-off on Netflix. Fans were surprised the character didn’t get his own show when the original series ended, and have been waiting for resolution over what became of him.

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This hype has led to the rise in popularity of the Jesse Pinkman screaming meme, which is the latest thing to take hold of the internet. The meme is perfect to amp fans up, though, and we have 10 best memes to keep you company until the Breaking Bad spin-off arrives.

10 Where's Jesse's Spin-off?

The most popular character on the show was easily Walter White, but Jesse Pinkman wasn’t very far behind in this regard – he was at least more popular than Saul Goodman. Cut to immediately after Breaking Bad ends, and Saul gets his own TV series which is still on-air to this day.

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Meanwhile, poor Jesse’s been screaming in his car for over six years, and we still don’t know what the heck happened to him. While he’s getting his own movie, you have to feel for Jesse here as he realizes Saul got his own spin-off many years before him.

9 No, Lassie!

In case you didn’t know it yet and happen to own a dog: don’t let it have chocolate because it will die after eating it. Unfortunately, dogs are pretty stupid, and they tend to eat whatever they find edible; this has sadly resulted in thousands of dogs meeting their ends.

Here, Jesse can’t contain his horror as he sees his dog about to take a bite of the M&M he dropped from his packet. Dogs are faster than humans, which makes it seem like this poor pooch definitely ended up biting the dust. Scream on all you want, Jesse, it ain’t coming back.

8 Worst Finale Ever!

How I Met Your Mother lost its popularity years before its finale, but diehard fans still stuck with the show to see Ted meet the Mother and get the happy ending we thought was a guarantee. When the finale aired, the entire fandom was up in revolt when they realized the Mother had perished in 2024, and Ted had been duping his kids into letting him date Aunt Robin in 2030.

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There’s no truer reaction than the one of Jesse Pinkman screaming since we’d spent nine whole years in wait for the Mother and Ted to be together, only for Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to display an awful piece of storytelling.

7 Love You 3000?

This meme might be a little outdated by now, but we can still relate to it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe had been building toward Avengers: Endgame for all of eleven years and 22 films before the story culminated, but there were people out to spoil the film for fans.

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The ones who didn’t want it spoiled were in for rude awakenings when they happened to come across these spoilers by accident on the internet. In fairness, it was the fault of these fans themselves since it’s obvious you need to lay off the internet when trying to avoid plot details.

6 You Stole My Meme!

Before memes were a thing, Captain Kirk made what was the precursor to memes. In a Star Trek movie, Kirk would scream “Khan!” at the top of his lungs, which became a running gag that lasts to this day in pop culture.

Here, you can see Captain Kirk being incensed at Jesse Pinkman usurping his position as the man screaming meme on the internet, and he yells out “Jesse!” in vengeance for the man who took up his role in pop culture. In a perfect world, we could’ve seen a Breaking Bad and Star Trek crossover for control of the galaxy’s memes.

5 Blame It On Syndication

Breaking Bad might not have been completely mainstream popular, but even those circles that didn’t watch the show were aware of Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase of uttering the name of a female dog. However, those who don’t live in Asia won’t know that these audiences have never heard Jesse screaming his most famous profanity.

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Syndication worldwide cuts out elements that are profane or provocative, and Jesse’s lines are more often than not cut out while editing so that it remains more family-friendly. This means Jesse never got very popular with Asian audiences since no one heard him scream his catchphrase in the first place.

4 That Sums It Up

Humans have a wide variety of emotions, but people who don’t look too much into thoughts and feelings agree that the main emotions are hilarity and sadness. Here, the creator of this meme sums up what the average person thinks of feelings, where Keenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live makes a troll face while laughing at some joke, and Jesse Pinkman screams in despondency.

Who would’ve thought all one needed was for one single meme to be made and we’d all become aware of the simple truth in life? This is the kind of work philosophers are known for.

3 Priorities

Some people are sports fans, some just aren’t. The ones who don’t follow sports find it amusing that one would ever invest themselves so much into games that they scream at their TV screens, but it takes one to know one. In this meme, the creator found out just how emotions can take control when you’re genuinely interested in something.

Of course, it sounds ridiculous why one would be so intensely into a show like Chopped, where Chefs compete for a cash prize. But perhaps this person thinks that competition is comparable to sports, and this way all of us are screaming like Jesse at one thing or another.

2 That's Just Inhumane

To be honest, a lot of us do just put stuff in the oven without preheating it, but people in certain parts of the world feel differently about this than people in other areas. In the case of the creator of this meme, they feel a person who heats something up without preheating it is a complete monster.

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They’re passionate about it to the point where they feel the need to scream their hearts out the way Jesse Pinkman’s doing right here. If it means that much to you, then maybe we will start preheating our food.

1 We've All Been There

This is a meme that’ll make all the boys out there go “Ouchie” when they realize what the meaning behind the joke is. We won’t spell it out for you, because if this hasn’t happened to you yet, then it’s better not to make you feel how much it hurts.

Out of all the memes we’ve seen of Jesse Pinkman, this is one that captures the face he’s making the right way. The kind of pain where you just want the world and the universe to end is comparable to when you zip up too fast. And everyone who’s felt this has our sympathies.

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