Breaking Bad: 10 Worst Jesse Pinkman Mistakes, Ranked

Before Jesse became the most wanted fugitive in America in El Camino, he has had to endure plenty of hardships in Breaking Bad. As one of the two leading characters of the show, his charm, blunt street vocabulary, chemistry with Walter White, and mistakes have memorably driven the narrative. Speaking of his mistakes, he's made quite a lot-- most of them are even innocent or juvenile.

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Even so, Jesse's mistakes are what made him the most human and relatable character in Breaking Bad. As a kid thrust headfirst into the dark underbelly of society, Jesse often had the world on his shoulders ever since he met Walter White. Hence, why he committed most of his mistakes. Some of them are forgivable and even hilarious, while others sealed his fate as a criminal. Here are 10 of those mistakes that would disappoint Mr. White (or not).


Cooking drugs in a recreational vehicle was entirely unheard of in pop culture until Walt and Jesse showed the world how to do it. If you can recall, Jesse had to part with the RV because he didn't have enough money to withdraw it back from a vehicle towing enclosure back in Season 2 of the show. So, Jesse being himself, stole the RV and even bathed himself in a blue icky portable toilet fluid.

Even worse, after stealing it, Jesse parked it in front of Walt's house knowing full well that it was a crime accessory. It wouldn't be the first of Jesse's many blunders but it's certainly one of the most miserably hilarious since Jesse just got evicted from his home prior to stealing the RV.


Jesse and Walt's mobile drug lab saw it's longest use ever when the two drove off in the middle of a desert just to cook a million-dollar batch of their famed Blue Sky near the end of Season 2. Everything was going well in their production until their generator blew up and caught fire. That was when the Jesse-logic kicked; he poured all their potable drinking water into the fire... even though a fire extinguisher was available.

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Even Walter couldn't muster up enough energy to fume at Jesse and could only unleash a disappointed sarcasm. Regardless, Jesse basically doomed their 4-day trip and made sure that both of them were dehydrated for several days.


Throughout most of the show, Walt often comes up with genius and rare ways of being a criminal. One of his most brilliant ideas was dissolving the corpse of his enemies in acid so their bodies would leave no trace. It's macabre, but effective as full measures go. Along comes Jesse to ruin the intricacies of Walt's plan in Season 1.

Turns out Jesse didn't know that hydrofluoric acid melts everything but a certain plastic. So, he proceeded to wreck his bathroom by pouring gallons of hydrofluoric acid and dumping a dead body in it. The acidic slush of blood, meat, and bones tore right through the bathroom floor and down to the first floor of Jessie's house-- proof that chemistry is an important life lesson to learn.


Jesse Pinkman is kind at heart and one of the most innocent characters in Breaking Bad but even he wasn't perfect. At one point, him and his friends decided to peddle drugs in secret... at a recovering addicts' support group. It's one of Jessie's most heinous ideas and it wasn't even that bright or efficient.

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We're sure you know what's wrong with selling drugs to people who are trying to recover from it and fix their lives. Jesse just had to make it difficult for them just to make some small bucks. Nevertheless, it's where Jessie met his second serious girlfriend in the show, Andrea Cantillo.


Walter White has done some pretty deplorable yet calculated deeds in the show and one of those was poisoning a child, Andrea's child to be more specific. So it's understandable for Jesse to make a rash decision upon finding that out; he ratted on Walter White with Hank Schrader's help, something that most definitely made him an outcast of the criminal underworld.

Snitching on Walter White wasn't the end of it, however. Jesse also indirectly became responsible for the Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez' death after Walt had to call Jack Welker for backup.


Gale Boetticher, despite being on the wrong side of the law, is one of the few people more innocent than Jesse. The guy just wanted to make some chemical masterpieces and didn't care much about black and white morality. Sadly, he was still a threat to Walter White; so Walt and Jesse had no choice but to kill Gale.

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To be more reasonable, Walt was the only one in danger. It stands to reason that Gus never really planned to kill Jesse. Still, Jesse was just too loyal to Walter to let him be in danger. As a result, Jesse had to commit one of the worst mistakes of his life; killing someone to unwittingly save one of the worst villains in his life.


Of course, we just can't omit one of the worst mistakes Jesse made-- not just in one episode of the show, but throughout his adulthood: drug addiction. Jesse's drug use was self-destructive, to say the least. To be fair, it was his only coping mechanism after a troubled relationship with his parents.

However, Jesse's drug use has nearly cost him a lot of bigger opportunities in his career, legal or otherwise. He's a drug dealer who also uses the products he sells; that's just plain unprofessional. Additionally, it's worth noting that Walt nearly missed the $1.2-million payout from Gustavo Fring just because Jesse was hungover from his heroin and meth cocktail.


Speaking of ruining lives, Jesse has been involved with many shattered dreams and broken promises. The worst of it all was with his girlfriend Jane who was a recovering addict. It didn't take much for Jane to start doing drugs again as soon as Jesse came into her life.

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The repercussions of such recklessness from Pinkman led to Jane's death which in turn, made his father depressed; consequently, Jane's father made two airplanes crash into each other because of his mourning, leading to hundreds of deaths. It was so catastrophic, Jesse had to rehabilitate and cleanse himself as he was also responsible.


In addition to drug use, one of Jessie's worst mistakes was trusting Walter White. It seems Walt knew Jesse was hungry for a parental figure and some semblance of guidance so he used that to manipulate Pinkman. It just so happens that Pinkman was gullible and became too trusting of Walter White.

This led to Jesse's worst sufferings in life. Walt has constantly plagued Jesse and the ones he loves just to achieve his own goals. In the end, Walt cheats Jesse by withholding all of Jesse's hard-earned drug money and handing him over to Jack Welker. Walt eventually redeemed himself, but the damage has already been done.


Let's not forget the most obvious mistake Jessie ever made in his entire life: choosing a criminal career. A bright and young over-achiever and aspiring artist suddenly does 180-degree turn and ruins his own life and future, that's Jesse Pinkman for you.

There are many factors to blame for that life choice, including Jesse himself, but we just can't help but feel sorry for him for making such a permanent mistake. To make matters, Jesse just had to dig his own grave by following Walter White to the depths of hell. Oh well, at least it made for one of the best TV shows ever.

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