'Breaking Bad' Finale Attracts Series-High Ratings; New Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Breaking Bad - Season 5

The dust has barely settled following the conclusion of AMC's critically acclaimed drama Breaking Bad. The series finale episode had been hyped for months before its September 29 airing. Bryan Cranston, creator Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul had all publicly voiced their support for just how the saga of Walter White would finally come to close, and Netflix even introduced a guard against spoilers during the show's final days.

We at Screen Rant have already shared our thoughts (read our review) and encouraged our readers to discuss it as well. However, with all the excitement over the epic conclusion of Breaking Bad, the question remained exactly how well the series finale would perform in the ratings. Would the landmark series go out with as big a bang as fans hoped? As it turns out, the answer is a resounding "yes."

AMC announced that the Breaking Bad series finale – entitled "Felina" – attracted 10.3 million viewers, including 6.7 million adults in the key 18 to 49 demographic. Ratings were not only 300% higher than the previous season's finale, but they also greatly surpassed 6.6 million viewership of the penultimate episode to become the highest-rated episode of the entire series.

The fact that the Breaking Bad finale managed to garner series-high ratings isn't much of a surprise, considering that the show's fanbase has grown with each subsequent season (thanks likely in no small part to the entire series' availability on Netflix instant streaming). Still, the sheer margin of increase does indicate that the show has claimed its own undeniable place in TV history.

Now AMC has released several behind-the-scenes videos of the show's cast and crew reflecting on the making of the episode. See one of the farewell videos below and find several more at AMC's YouTube channel. the in-development spin-off hits the airwaves, fans have only the Blu-ray release of Breaking Bad: The Complete Series to look forward to. That box set will include a slew of bonus features, including a two-hour behind-the-scenes documentary. Sony Television has released a brief promo of the collection featuring a look at Cranston and Paul's first reading of the "Felina" script. See it below: you be picking up a copy of the Breaking Bad series box set on Blu-ray this fall? What other features do you hope are included? Let us know in the comments.


Breaking Bad: The Complete Series will hit Blu-ray on November 26, 2013.

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