'Breaking Bad' Final Season Teaser & Poster: All 'Bad' Things Must Come to an End

The following post contains SPOILERS for Breaking Bad seasons 1 - 5.1. If you are not caught-up on the show and do not want to be spoiled proceed with caution!

After the shocking Breaking Bad mid-season 5 finale, fans of the show have kept busy speculating on the final eight episodes of the series - set to begin airing on August 11, 2013. Prior to the mid-season 5 hiatus, creator Vince Gilligan delivered a drastic change-up (albeit one that fit with the character-focused approach of the series) - outright tying-up many loose ends and positioning the show for a riveting and gut-wrenching series finale run-up. It was a surprisingly ambitious choice - and one that sets-up the characters for even more dramatic heartbreak and confrontation down the line.

Despite all the talk of a potential Saul Goodman spin-off show and a Spanish-reboot of the series, details on the actual second half of Breaking Bad's final season have been in short supply. The trend continues today with the release of official AMC marketing, in the form of a poster and teaser trailer, which tease the show's return without actually offering any new details.

Fans can expect more revealing marketing down the line - as the actual premiere date draws closer. In the meantime, check out the first official poster for Breaking Bad season 5.2 below (click to see the full image) - along with the 10-second teaser trailer above:

Aside from asserting that "All Bad things must come to an end," the trailer and poster do not provide any further details on what viewers can expect when the show returns - especially since the notion that "All Bad things must come to an end" was implied back when AMC revealed they had set an end date for the series. As a result, telling viewers that the show is going to end - halfway through its finale season - isn't particularly profound.

Of course, these are just teasers designed to put the series back on the radar of faithful viewers - not outline where the series is going to head next. As mentioned, more detailed marketing materials will be forthcoming, since the mid-season 5 premiere is just over two months away. Still, the tease that "All Bad things must come to an end" is surely going to spark speculation (once again) that Bad man Walter White (Bryan Cranston) aka Heisenberg will also meet his end alongside the series - even if the character showed signs of a changed heart in the final act of the mid-season finale.

Fans of the show continue to be split on the fate of Walter White - as nearly half of those polled here on the site (over 60,000 respondents) think the character should be killed-off by the time the Breaking Bad curtain falls. Readers were more forgiving of partner-in-meth making Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Maybe Jesse isn't technically as Bad as Walter?

If you haven't voted in our poll yet, you can do so below - as well as see the latest results:

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That said, even though we've only got two more months before the show returns, the fate of Walter White isn't likely to be settled until the series finale - scheduled for September 29, 2013. There's plenty of time for fans of the show to speculate on the possible outcomes but one thing is for sure, Gilligan claims that while the series finale will be "victorious" it will also be "close-ended."


Breaking Bad returns to AMC on August 11th, 2013.

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Source: EW

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