What Happened To Walt Jr. After Breaking Bad Ended?

What would have happened to Walt Jr. after the events of the Breaking Bad series finale? The actor shared his thoughts and we have a response.

Walt and Walt Jr in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad ended with Walter White mortally wounded but what happened to the rest of the White family, specifically Walt Jr., after the series ended? Breaking Bad's success led to the prequel series, Better Call Saul, which is currently heading into its fifth season in 2020. A Breaking Bad sequel film is also in the works with original series creator, Vince Gilligan, at the helm. But there's still a lot of unanswered questions.

Walt Jr., also known as Flynn, had his fair share of struggles in his teenage years. While trying to cope with his father's cancer diagnosis, Walt Jr. went through a rebellious stage. His parents later separated which made matters understandably worse.  Walt Jr.'s life was then turned upside down when his dad's drug trafficking came to light (along with his mother's involvement in the money laundering). After Hank was killed, Walt Jr. turned on his father, wishing him dead. The last fans saw of Walt Jr., he was living with Skyler and his little sister in their new apartment.

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So what exactly happened to Walt Jr. after Breaking Bad's series finale? There was hope that the White family would be revisited in the Breaking Bad movie but that won't be the case. The untitled sequel movie is rumored to focus on Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following the events of the original series. R.J. Mitte, the actor who portrayed Walt Jr., has stated that he will not be in the upcoming movie but that didn't stop him from discussing his character's future. In an interview with The Wrap, Mitte shared his thoughts on what happened to Walt Jr. after the show ended:

"Walt escapes capture, Jesse came back to Walt after the whole shootout, Walt and Jesse disappear for five years, and Walt Jr. is still living with his sister, almost in like DEA housing. Then Walt Jr. pretty much joins the DEA and is hunting after his father. He kind of takes Hank’s role where Hank left off. My idea is that he’s trying to go out, find what happened to Hank and go after Jesse and Walt."

Jeese Pinkman and Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

In Mitte's mind, Heisenberg didn't die at the end of Breaking Bad and, as a result, Walt Jr. would seek out revenge for what his father did to the entire family. If Walt Jr. did somehow make it into the DEA, he would probably be the most determined member they ever had, making his late uncle proud and bringing some respect back to his family's name. It's interesting that Mitte didn't mention Skyler. It's possible he doesn't believe the characters would continue a relationship into the future. It's hard to believe that Walt Jr. would leave his mom behind after what they already went through, although maybe taking care of Holly would become his top priority.

Of course, the bigger aspect is that Mitte suggests Walter White did survive the Breaking Bad series finale. If this were the case, it seems unlikely that Walt would resume his role in the drug trade; based on his characterization across the show, he would more likely go back into hiding away from his family for their own safety. If that was the case, it would still be thrilling to see Walt Jr. go after him, maybe not as part of the DEA, but possibly as a rogue private investigator.

However, given the assumption that Walt survived, Mitte's explanation is unlikely canon in the world of the show. Breaking Bad fans will have to wait until the sequel movie, or perhaps another spinoff, to get Vince Gilligan's official answer.

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