The 10 Most Emotional Moments In Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a wild ride filled with emotional and powerful scenes. Here are 10 of the most overpowering moments.

Breaking Bad may have wrapped up several years ago now, but the recent release of the spin-off movie, El Camino has got the world talking about the incredible television show once again, with many people going back to re-watch the show, and some fans even starting it for the first time ever.

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There is a reason why Breaking Bad is so heavily praised in the television world, with the show having an incredible storyline that grips audiences from the start, with a small cast that allowed fans to really emotionally invest into each different character and their storylines.

While the show has a real mix of action, comedy, and emotion, with Breaking Bad having plenty of moments that pull at the heartstrings, and within this list, we will rank the top 10 emotional moments.

10 Todd Eliminates A Young Boy

There is a reason why Todd is one of the most despised characters in the history of Breaking Bad, and this scene is a perfect example. Throughout the episode, fans are actually behind Todd as he helps Jesse and Walt with their train robbery.

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Everyone watching is kept in suspense as the trio pull off an incredible heist and the end of the episode is seemingly going to be quite a positive one as the trio celebrate their success, until a young boy rides up on a bike having watched them commit the crime.

As he waves and Walt and Jesse appear to be friendly, Todd simply whips out his gun and shoots him, killing him instantly. The moment is so cold and out of nowhere that viewers barely had time to react to what was an incredibly emotional moment, with the show reminding everyone just how cruel the world is.

9 Jesse Loses It

Breaking Bad One Minute Jesse Pinkman

Laying in a hospital bed after being nearly beaten to death, the last thing that Jesse Pinkman wants is a visit from his old friend, Walter White, hoping to cook once again. But that is exactly what happens in this incredibly emotional, and powerful scene.

Rather than simply going along with things as Jesse normally does, here he completely loses it, screaming about how everything he loves is gone and how much Walt has ruined his life, not giving any care for that fact that people around could potentially hear it.

This is one of the most memorable scenes from the entire show and is seriously emotional as it becomes clear just how much Jesse has lost and how it has hurt him throughout his life so far.

8 Walter Jr. Turns On His Dad

Throughout the vast majority of Breaking Bad, Walter Jr. always has his fathers back, often going against his mother despite the fact she is only trying to protect him as he only sees the good in his father, who he simply thinks is an innocent cancer patient, simply trying to survive.

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However, when he finally learns the truth about how his father earned all of his money and the illegal activity he has been up to, he instantly turns on him, including screaming at him to get out of the house after Walter fights Skylar inside the family home.

But the most emotional moment is the one where Walt attempts to call his son at school, trying one last roll of the dice to patch things up, yet Walter Jr. defiantly refuses everything as it is fully confirmed that the family hates Heisenberg.

7 Mike's Death

Anytime a main character that is popular in a show dies, it is an emotional moment, and the death of Mike is no different. Even though he does some things that not every fan agreed with on the show, he was beloved by the audience and people hoped he would make a getaway in the end.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as Walter White finds him and shoots him, leaving him for dead by the river as he tells Walt to "let me die in peace," which left everyone watching feeling emotional as Mike admits he knows that he is dying.

The death is a slow one that doesn't happen instantly like others, and it is that time period where fans are really allowed to take it all in that creates the emotional moment.

6 Walt's Final Scene

While he is supposed to be someone that you hate due to the many horrible things he does throughout the show, not only to his friends and family but to others as well, the fact is that most people absolutely loved Walter White and were incredibly connected to his character.

So, of course, his final scene and the final scene of the entire show was always going to be an emotional moment as he has one last connection with his lab where he managed to achieve so much in the drug making world, with the police surrounding him and the bullethole causing him to bleed out.

Just seeing Walter back in that setting was a perfect way to end a perfect television series and it certainly left many fans feeling a little teary as they saw it all play out.

5 Mike Leaves His Granddaughter

While his death is certainly an emotional moment from Breaking Bad, Mike is involved in an even more heartbreaking scene earlier in the show as he is forced to abandon his own granddaughter, who he totally adores in the park on her own.

It is established very early on in Mikes storyline that he would do anything for his granddaughter, with this being his main source of joy and the reason he is in the line of work that he is, trying to make as much money for her for when she grows up.

However, when the police arrive, Mike quickly realizes he needs to leave and has to make a heartbreaking decision of going to see her one last time and facing a life of prison, or fleeing for good and never getting to say goodbye.

4 Andrea Is Killed

One of the reasons fans absolutely loved El Camino is because Jesse Pinkman got to finally restart his life after being put through so many emotional moments, with the death of Andrea being one of the saddest and most cold and brutal in Breaking Bad's history.

Andrea is nothing but good, she is pure and has no interest in anything other than being a great mother to Brock, which is why her death is so upsetting to watch. Here, Jesse is forced to watch as Todd shoots her to death, leaving Brock all alone.

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While we never see Brock's reaction, it is in the back of every viewer's mind how he will be, while seeing Jesse break down as his life starts to really unwind as a prisoner is tough to see.

3 Jane's Death

Breaking Bad Jane's Overdose

This is one of the most vital moments in the entire show and is not only very emotional but is also one of Walter White's most ruthless acts as well, as he simply stands by and watches Jane die of an overdose, refusing to help her for his own selfish gain.

It was a turning point for Walt and that in a sense was emotional for the viewers, as this is where he simply became Heisenberg, leaving his old life behind. Here, Jane ends up having a substance overdose and instead of helping out, Walter just allows her to die.

This moment ends up being massively emotional in the aftermath, causing Jesse a huge amount of pain, as well as Jane's father who ends up crashing a plane because of his inability to cope.

2 Call Disconnected

While Jane dying was a massively emotional moment that had a huge impact on Jesse Pinkman as a character, it wasn't anywhere near as emotional as this moment, which completely broke Jesse as this was the moment it clicked for him she was gone forever.

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After her death, Jesse would ring Jane's mobile consistently simply to hear her voice as a way of keeping himself stable, however eventually it gets to the point where he is unable to connect to the voicemail because her phone has been disconnected.

This is a massively emotional moment that will have many people feeling incredibly sad, especially if the viewer has ever lost someone close to them, as this just breaks Jesse totally.

1 Hank's Death

Breaking Bad Hank

There are many deaths throughout Breaking Bad, some of which have made this list, but the one that packs the most emotion is when the show decided to kill off Hank, who was one of the most beloved characters throughout the entire show.

Hank was such a core character on the show that it came as a huge surprise when he was murdered, showdown by Jack and his neo-Nazi men, who also kill Hank's partner, Steve Gomez in the process of this, leaving them both out in the desert.

Thankfully, Hank got to have his moments of handcuffing Heisenberg just before, but fans were incredibly emotional as Hank stared into the barrel of the gun, refusing to bow down to them and being his defiant self all the way to the grave.

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