El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Finally Gets Full-Length Trailer

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie finally receives a full-length trailer. The project had been rumored for some time, but wasn't officially confirmed until late August, when Netflix unveiled the first teaser. As Bob Odenkirk proclaimed, El Camino had been completed in secret, with Vince Gilligan and company pulling off a largely unprecedented feat. Since then, the film's stayed under cover of darkness, as very few plot details have been revealed. Only the general synopsis is known, following Jesse Pinkman as he looks to carve out a new future for himself.

To date, the El Camino marketing campaign has relied heavily on that element of secrecy, teasing the return of 10 original Breaking Bad characters and barely showing Jesse's whereabouts. With only a couple of weeks remaining until the movie's premiere, it would be reasonable to assume there wouldn't be any more promotional materials, but now fans have gotten their best look at the film.

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Netflix released a full-length trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. You can watch it in the space below:

Unlike the first two previews, which were essentially full clips, this is cut as a more traditional trailer. It doesn't reveal much more about the story than was already known, but still somewhat fleshes out the bare bones of the narrative. After regrouping at Skinny Pete's (following his escape from Uncle Jack's gang), Jesse goes on the run as a refuge trying to elude both sides of the law. What remains a mystery for the time being is what exactly the endgame is here, as Jesse grapples with his past. It'll be interesting to see what exactly the plot is and how Jesse is going to go about forging "some kind of future." The trailer hints at some kind of climactic showdown, with an unknown figure asking Jesse if he's ready. Viewers will spend the next couple of weeks trying to deduce whose voice that is, and it's a tantalizing way for the preview to end.

It's been mentioned before, but bears repeating. Breaking Bad had one of the most acclaimed finales in all of pop culture (not just TV), with just about everyone agreeing it ended the story on a high note. So, there's definitely a risk in coming back to add this coda, especially since expectations remain sky-high. But if anyone can pull this off, it's Gilligan, who has always kept a firm and steady hand on all stories in the Breaking Bad universe. He would not have moved forward with El Camino unless he felt he had something that could live up to the Breaking Bad legacy. El Camino certainly looks like it will be a worthwhile chapter, so fingers crossed the final product is as compelling as fans hope.

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Source: Netflix

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