El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie: 10 Questions We Want Answered In A Sequel

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was a welcome return to the beloved series and the characters who helped make it one of television's best shows. The movie explores what happened to Jesse Pinkman right after the events of the finale as he escapes Uncle Jack's compound and races towards freedom.

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The movie seemed to tie up Jesse's story nicely and there are no official plans for a sequel. However, the movie itself was a pretty big surprise and there are still plenty of questions we would love to see answered in a follow-up adventure. Here are the biggest questions we want answered in an El Camino sequel.

10 Where Is Huell?

Though Huell was not one of the more important characters on Breaking Bad, he certainly was memorable. The massive and silent tough guy was a hired hand for Saul Goodman and did a lot of his dirty work.

The last we saw of Huell was in a motel room where he was being interrogated by Hank Schrader. Hank convinced Huell that Walter White was going to kill him and that he needed to stay in the motel for his own safety. With Hank dead, fans were left to wonder if Huell was left to wait in that motel room forever.

9 Who Is Ed, Actually?

Robert Forster is another surprise appearance in the movie as Ed, the mysterious man who helps people disappear for a high price. Ed is the man that helped relocate Walt and Saul in the final season and returns to take Jesse to his new life in Alaska.

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Ed is left purposefully mysterious, but we would love to know more about him. How does a man who owns a vacuum shop get into this line of business? How is he so good at helping people disappear? Unfortunately, with Forster's recent passing, it's unlikely we'll see Ed again.

8 How Will He Not Be Recognized?

Jesse Pinkman in El Camino

Ed helped Jesse escape the authorities and flee to Alaska to start his new life. But can Jesse really hope to stay incognito even in a remote land like Alaska? We saw that his face is being plastered everywhere after Walt's shootout with Uncle Jack's crew and Jesse has done nothing to change his appearance.

A sequel could explore Jesse's attempt to hide his true identity from others while also struggling with the loneliness of that life of isolation.

7 Was That All Of Uncle Jack's Crew?

There was been a lot of great villains in Breaking Bad, but Uncle Jack and his crew have been the easiest to hate. First of all, they are neo-Nazis, which makes them instantly detestable. With the added torture that they put Jesse through while holding him captive, it was satisfying seeing Walt wipe them all out.

But was that really the entire crew? Uncle Jack didn't have a huge operation, but it would have been convenient if all of them were in that one room together when Walt attacked. Could we see some surviving members come looking for Jesse?

6 Where Is Brock?

Jesse has always had a soft spot for innocent kids and has often tried to do what he could to protect them. He grew particularly close to Brock, the son of Andrea, a woman Jesse has a romantic relationship with.

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After Jesse tries to escape Uncle Jack's compound, the bad guys punish him by executing Andrea and threatening to do the same to Brock if Jesse tries it again. It is clear that Brock is still on Jesse's mind, but where is he now? With no parents left, who is caring for Brock and how does Jesse know where to send the letter?

5 What Happened To The Confession Tapes?

Jesse Pinkman Confession Tape Breaking Bad

After Jesse turned on Walt, he partnered with Hank to bring Walt to justice. We see that Hank films Jesse delivering taped confessions on a number of their illegal activities. After Hank's death, Uncle Jack and his crew steal the tapes to find out everything Jesse told Hank.

It's possible that Uncle Jack had the tapes destroyed, but if not, they are likely to be discovered when the authorities investigate the shootout. It's hard to say what impact the confessions would have for Jesse. Many of the people implicated on the tapes are dead, but is there something he revealed that could have big consequences?

4 What Will Jesse Do Now?

The last image we see of Jesse is the optimistic sight of him driving off to his new life in Alaska. The movie makes a point of showing the viewer that his new life will not be a way of fixing everything that came before, but will allow him to forge his own path going forward.

There are a lot of possibilities as to what Jesse could do. In his flashback with Walt, he mentions sports medicine as an interest, while Walt suggests the more plausible business school. We also know that Jesse has a passion for woodworking. It would be interesting to see what new path he chooses.

3 How Does Jesse Feel About Walt?

The relationship between Jesse and Walt has been tumultuous, to say the least. They started out as reluctant partners, bonded in times of stress, formed a friendship, became both enemies and almost like family. It would be interesting to know how Jesse feels about Walt now that he's gone.

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Given the fast-paced nature of the movie, Jesse doesn't have much time to stop and reflect on things. Walt did rescue him from captivity, but he is also the one who put him there in the first place and admitted to letting Jane die. It's safe to say Jesse has complicated feelings for Walt.

2 Where Is Walt's Family?

On the subject of Walt, no mention is given to his family or how they are handling the aftermath of his death. We see in the finale that Walt sets up a financial future for his family, but will that plan actually work out?

It's also interesting to think about what Walt's family thinks of him now. Walt Jr. seems to hate his father while Skyler is also not thrilled with the life he put them in. Would Jesse feel obliged to seek them out, or would Skyler perhaps go looking for Jesse to find some closure?

1 What Was In The Letter?

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Though Jesse doesn't go to see Brock before he escapes town, we see that he has written a letter for the young boy which he gives to Ed to deliver. The obvious question remains, what is in the letter?

We can assume it is meant to offer Brock some explanation as to what happened to his mother, and it's likely that Jesse feels responsible for Andrea's death and wants to offer an apology. Ed reads the letter so it can be assumed it's not too incriminating, but could Jesse have left some way for Brock to reach him? Or did Jesse leave Brock some of the money he stole?

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