Breaking Bad: Badger's Return In El Camino Movie Confirmed

Jesse Pinkman’s friend and crime partner Badger (Matt Jones) is confirmed to return for the upcoming Breaking Bad Netflix movie El Camino.

Matt Jones as Badger in Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman’s friend and crime partner Badger is confirmed to return for the Breaking Bad movie El Camino. First airing on AMC back in 2008, Breaking Bad unspooled the riveting saga of Walter White, a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who, after developing terminal cancer, decides to provide for his family by cooking and selling illegal methamphetamine. But White’s illicit activities soon unlock an alter ego named Heisenberg, who becomes a mysterious meth kingpin and ultimately a violent criminal himself.

Bryan Cranston indeed vaulted into the front ranks of TV actors with his performance as White/Heisenberg, but equally important to the show’s success was the performance of Aaron Paul as White’s partner/surrogate son/frequent abuse victim Jesse Pinkman. While Cranston was racking up awards for playing White, Paul was also winning his share of gold, snagging three Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Emmys during the show’s run. Now, six years after the classic series aired its acclaimed, shocking final episodes, Pinkman is returning in a Netflix movie officially titled El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan.

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Now, THR is revealing that Pinkman won’t be alone when he returns in El Camino, reporting that Matt Jones is confirmed to return to the cast as Pinkman’s simple-minded criminal pal Badger. The first official teaser for the movie already teased the return of Pinkman’s other criminal accomplice Skinny Pete (Charles Baker).

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad fans of course will never forget Badger and Skinny Pete, the low-lifes who joined Pinkman and Walter White as henchmen in the early stages of their criminal enterprise, and miraculously managed to stay alive and out of prison all the way to the series’ finale. Indeed, the two characters would prove essential to the series’ final episode as they helped Walter White by posing as hit men in order to help ensure White’s business partners set up a trust for his kids (as White had already determined to put his life on the line by going to save Jesse from the neo-Nazi compound where he was being held prisoner, a decision that would indeed prove fatal for White).

What exact role Badger and Skinny Pete will play in El Camino is not yet known, as most details about the movie are being kept under wraps. Indeed, the level of secrecy around the Breaking Bad spinoff film is so strong, it wasn’t even revealed until just recently that the film had already wrapped shooting and was set to hit Netflix. What is certain is that Breaking Bad fans have reason to be excited about the return of Jesse Pinkman and his two favorite cronies when the movie hits Netflix on October 11, 2019.

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Source: THR

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