Breaking Bad: El Camino's 10 Most Satisfying Moments That All Fans Loved

Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

The release of Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie really snuck up on people. There had been talk of a Breaking Bad movie focusing on Jesse Pinkman for a while, but the movie was filmed in secret and the release date dropped not too long ago. The result was a welcome return for fans to the world of Breaking Bad and some of its most memorable characters.

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While some have argued that the film wasn't entirely necessary given the series' satisfying finale, there was plenty that made it worthwhile to fans of the show. Jesse's desperate attempt to escape town and start a new life is filled with tension, but also moments that make fans want to stand up and cheer. Here are the most satisfying moments in El Camino.

10 The Finale Getaway

After a brief flashback prologue, the film picks up with the last moment we saw of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad's final episode. After Walt arrived and killed Uncle Jack and his gang of neo-Nazis, Jesse was freed from his torturous captivity where he was forced to cook meth for the villains.

After stealing Todd's El Camino, Jesse speeds away from his former prison, smashing through the front gate and heading into the unknown. The sight of the tormented Jesse screaming with joy and frustration from what he's been through was an unforgettable image to leave him on and the perfect way to be reintroduced to him.

9 Mike Returns

Mike Ehrmantraut was one of the most likable characters on Breaking Bad. While he was also capable of show shady things, he was a calm and cool operator who was always willing to put Walt and Jesse in their place.

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Mike and Walt never did get along very well, which ultimately led to Mike's death. However, he and Jesse formed a bond which was a sort of friendship but also felt paternal at times. So it was really nice to see the two men sharing a quiet moment in a flashback where Mike gives Jesse one more piece of advice about where he should escape to.

8 Badger And Skinny Pete

Any story about Jesse Pinkman isn't complete without the inclusion of his two best friends, Badger and Skinny Pete. These two memorable characters have been fantastic supporting players in the Breaking Bad universe and have always been around for Jesse.

So once Jesse escapes from Uncle Jack's compound, it's no surprise that he heads straight to his friends for help. It's not only great to see these two fun characters return, but it's also heartwarming to see how willing they are to risk their own freedom for Jesse.

7 Skinny Pete's Farewell

Skinny Pete in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

With the police tracking the stolen El Camino, Jesse is immediately put in danger again and has to continue running. However, it is Skinny Pete who comes up with the clever plan to help Jesse evade the authorities a little longer.

With some quick switching on cars, Skinny Pete volunteers to take the fall for the El Camino, giving Jesse a head start. When Jesse asks why Skinny Pete is willing to do all this for him, Skinny Pete replies, "Dude…you're my hero and s**t." It's an oddly sweet moment.

6 Stealing Todd's Money

Todd was one of the most unsettling villains in recent television memory. Though he acted friendly and relatively normal to everyone he met, he was a cold-blooded murderer who didn't seem phased by the horrible things he did.

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Jesse got his revenge for Todd's years of torture by strangling him to death in the finale, but El Camino sees him getting a little more payback. Jesse risks arrest by returning to Todd's apartment and stealing his hidden money. If ever there was an acceptable time to steal from a dead person, this was it.

5 The Showdown

Jesse was not usually the guy who had the badass moments in Breaking Bad. He didn't who enjoy violence nor was he someone who sought power like Walt. However, El Camino found Jesse in a desperate situation in which he was willing to fight for his freedom.

After confronting the men who stole the rest of Todd's money, Jesse and Neil have an old fashion quick-draw showdown. The tension builds until Jesse blasts Neil away with a second hidden gun, giving him a cheer-worthy badass moment he deserved.

4 Robert Forster

Iconic character actor Robert Forster was a welcome addition to the final season of Breaking Bad as Ed, the mysterious man who helps people disappear. He appeared again in El Camino as Jesse looks to use Ed's unique services.

As wonderful as it was to see Forster again, it was a bittersweet moment as the actor passed away the same day the movie was released. But the final performance was the perfect example of what made Forster such a compelling actor. He was charming, cool and effortless, making the movie that much better with his presence.

3 Jane And Jesse Reunited

Jesse's love life in Breaking Bad has been tragic, to say the least. Once romance that stands out as especially significant and heartbreaking was with Jane. Jesse loves Jane more than he's loved anyone on the show and her death was something the affected him deeply.

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Though they didn't get a happy ending together, the two do get to share one more sweet moment in a flashback where Jane, like Mike did at the beginning of the movie, gets to help Jesse find his new path. Jesse has spent years being pulled along by others who just want something from him, but Jane inspires him to find his own way now.

2 Walt Returns

Though we all knew this movie would focus on Jesse's journey, there was always that hope that Walter White would make a surprise appearance. Writer-director Vince Gilligan sure knows what fans want, as the final moments of the movie give us one more scene of Jesse and Walt together.

The scene is a perfect representation of their relationship. Their brief conversation is filled with insults, encouragement, arguments and caring. It is an almost surreal experience to see them together again and a highlight of the movie. It also gives Jesse the chance to say his catchphrase one more time.

1 The Getaway

When we saw Jesse drive away screaming at the end of Breaking Bad, it was a hopeful ending. but one that had us worried for him. After going through the years of torture he just experienced, Jesse deserved a happy ending. But was he really going to get away?

That is what El Camino gives audiences ⁠— a happy ending for Jesse Pinkman. After Ed drops him off in Alaska with a new identity, Jesse is able to drive away into his new life. He might not be able to put it all behind him, but it is a chance to start fresh and that's all we want for Jesse.

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