MBTI of Breaking Bad: El Camino Characters

Breaking Bad is undeniably one of the best scripted dramas in the history of television. The show told the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer who decides to break into the business of meth manufacturing in order to cover his medical bills and ensure that his family has a way of surviving once he's dead. Walter finds his way into the biz through one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, who has become a methamphetamine cook since graduating high school.

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And the series left off with a very conclusive ending for Walter, but what happened to Jesse after escaping his activity was still a mystery. Until now, that is. Netflix just released El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and it tells the story of Jesse Pinkman from the end of the Breaking Bad series. The movie resurrects some old characters and introduces some new ones, and here are all of their MBTI personality types.

10 Ed Galbraith - ISTJ

Ed Galbraith is a character who made brief appearances in Breaking Bad and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, but he's a character that isn't too tough to get a good read on. Ed seems like a pretty straightforward example of an ISTJ personality type, also known as the logistician. The logicisticians are extremely practical, they like to deal in facts, and they're extremely responsible people that can always be counted on to fulfill their duties. Ed might be a criminal, but he seems like he's an incredibly detail oriented and fact-based kind of guy. He doesn't bend the rules, but that's why he's successful.

9 Casey - ESFP

El Camino Snow globe Todd Lydia Breaking Bad

Within the MBTI personality type spectrum, it seems impossible to deny that Casey was an ESFP personality, better known as the entertainer of personality types. Entertainers are spontaneous, creative, and energetic people who can't stand to be bored. And honestly, if Casey hadn't been quite the eternal entertainer, then he undoubtedly would still be alive.

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Clearly his personality served him well in situations like the one he found himself in with Neil and Jesse Pinkman in Todd's apartment, because being able to think on the fly and get people to buy the lie your selling was essential. But in his final showdown with Jesse, those very same traits came back to bite him.

8 Neil Kandy - ESTP

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Kandy Welding Co.

Casey certainly made a good partner for Neil, because Neil needed an accomplice who would fully commit to his role as a cop and who had enough creative thinking skills to actually play that off believably, but Casey needed someone like Neil to set him on this path in the first place. Neil seems to be an ESTP personality type, and the people that fall into that category are typically known as the entrepreneur personality type. There were undoubtedly many people who knew about Todd and would have at least suspected that he'd have something valuable in his apartment, but Neil's entrepreneurial nature meant that he was the first one to actually seek it out.

7 Jane Margolis - ENFP

Jane Margolis was a very free spirited and impulsive young woman, and her personality seems to be the best match with the ENFP personality type. This personality type is typically called the campaigner or the inspirer, and Jane certainly inspired a lot of potential change and enthusiasm for life in Jesse Pinkman, even if it was in the entirely wrong way. The ENFP personality type loves to live in the moment and live each moment to the fullest, and while their zest for life can be contagious they are much more likely to influence the people around them than they are to let everyone around them influence their own beliefs and behaviors.

6 Mike Ehrmantraut - ISTJ

Jonathan Banks

It really comes as no surprise to anyone who is remotely familiar with Mike Ehrmantraut as a character, but his is yet another one of the people in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie that falls into the category of the ISTJ personality type, also known as the logistician.

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Mike is the guy who knows how to get all of the dirty work done and he pays attention to every detail. He never leaves a base uncovered and while his job does require a lot of creative thinking on his part, what really matters is his ability to see every aspect of a problem and solve it.

5 Walter White - INTP

Walter White is still a quite enigmatic character, despite having an entire television series devoted to his character's story. But Walt seems like he fits best into the MBTI category of the INTP, also known as the logician. It might sound a lot like the logistician personality type, and they certainly share a lot of commonalities, but the logicians of the world are brilliant minds who have big dreams but are actually clever enough to pull them off. They're a rare breed and proud of it, in fact most logicians dread the thought of being ordinary, and they'll do whatever it takes to make their mark on the world.

4 Brandon "Badger" Mayhew - ESFJ

Matt Jones as Badger in Breaking Bad

Brandon Mayhew, more commonly known as Badger, is one of Jesse Pinkman's oldest and most reliable friends. Or at least he's as reliable as a burnout kid can be. But Badger seems to fit best into the ESFJ personality type in the MBTI personality inventory. The ESFJ's are known as consuls, and they're basically social butterflies who are very kind and caring towards others. Consuls are typically well liked by everyone they meet, and even those who understand that Badger is just a dead end druggie at least seem to find his personality to be charming and amiable, it's pretty unusual for him to run across someone who actively dislikes him.

3 Skinny Pete - ENFP

Skinny Pete in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

For most of his tenure on the Breaking Bad TV series, it seemed like Skinny Pete was just a follower who had little direction in life and was more than happy to let his friend Jesse give him that direction.

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But we definitely got to see another side to Skinny Pete in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and it was really interesting to see who Pete was when he was the one making decisions and working things out. It seems like he was hiding his true ENFP personality beneath his apathy, and his creative and independent thinking really helped Jesse in his time of need.

2 Todd Alquist - ISTJ

So it would seem that the ISTJ personality type can find a lot of success in the world of crime. Todd Alquist was an unusual and repulsive companion for our pal Jesse, but his sociopathic behavior coupled with his ability to meticulously plan and ensure every single angle of a job was covered certainly explains how he managed to be such a successful criminal for so long. Todd is truly the worst that the ISTJ personality type has to offer, but he definitely learned how to play to his strengths and use them to get as far as he was capable of getting in life.

1 Jesse Pinkman - INFP

One of the most interesting aspects of MBTI personality types is they're not necessarily a fixed measurement. Meaning, someone might not always stay the same MBTI type throughout their lives. That certainly seems to be the case with Jesse Pinkman at least, because his gauntlet of suffering seems to have forced him to evolve into an INFP personality type. INFP's are known as the mediators on the MBTI spectrum, and although they look fairly calm and collected on the outside they can really light up in the right (or wrong) circumstances. Mediators are idealists, and it seems like even after everything that Jesse has gone through he has managed to find the remaining bright side of life.

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