In 2012, TLC unleashed Breaking Amish and treated the world to yet another inside look at Amish and Mennonite culture. We followed five young people as they engaged in the Amish tradition of Rumspringa, or a year spent living fully in the modern world. Despite how much the show misrepresented the lives and experiences of its cast, the show became a huge hit. It’s gone onto have six seasons and a spin-off based in Los Angeles. Later seasons are titled Return to Amish and allow audiences to get an inside look into Amish culture as the original cast members readjust to their lives after their time away. Breaking Amish: LA introduced us to five new cast members, several of whom had connections to the first series.

Of course any show about Amish people checking out the outside world would feel incomplete without giving them all modern makeovers, and some took that experience and ran with it. We’ve gathered 15 of the steamiest photos the internet had to offer of Breaking Amish and Breaking Amish: LA former cast members. Some are taken from their time on the show, and some are cobbled together from their adventures post-filming. Read on to decide for yourself who rocks the “English” look better than their former co-stars. We’re willing to bet you’ll be surprised by some of the entries on this list.

15. KATE

Breaking Amish Kate Before After 15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Breaking Amish

This side-by-side view of Kate Stoltz shows you just how far she’s grown away from her Amish roots in Pennsylvania. She’s barely recognizable from her days of getting up before dawn to tend to her family’s farm before heading to school. It might surprise you to know that Kate actually had broken away from her Amish community before she appeared on Breaking Amish.

Pulled out of school at 15 because her family feared it was encouraging too much curiosity about the outside world, Kate remained with her family until she purchased a car at 19. Her father was so incensed at her decision to break with Amish tradition that he told her to get rid of the car or find a new place to live. She took him up on it and moved to Florida that year.


Breaking Amish Betsy Before After  15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Breaking Amish

Betsy Yoder appeared on Breaking Amish: LA, a spin-off of TLC’s original concept set in (drumroll please) Los Angeles. This shot of the recently married reality star was taken just after the ladies of the cast received makeovers. Her blown-out hair, smoky eyes, and stained lips are all a far cry from the demure, innocent look she sports in her hometown. But the more we learned about Betsy, the more appropriate this style seemed.

Fun fact: Betsy practices witchcraft. Society’s smartened up a bit regarding such practices since the days of Salem, so it’s not like this is hugely scandalous… in Los Angeles. Back in Betsy’s Amish community, such practices are considered dangerous blasphemy. When she announced that she not only practiced witchcraft, but also claimed to have had sexual encounters with Satan and other demons in her sleep, her cast mates were… unnerved to say the least.