Schwarzenegger's 'Ten' Retitled 'Breacher'; Adds Terrence Howard & Dawn Olivieri

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Ten retitled Breacher

Street Kings director David Ayer's upcoming action thriller/mystery starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was previously going under the title Ten. It was regarded as a reference to Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians novel, which shares a similar setup (a mystery menace murders ten morally-dubious people, one by one).

The project (scripted by Swordfish writer Skip Woods) has been retitled Breacher, ahead of a planned October production start date. Moreover, additional casting is underway, with reports from earlier this week suggesting that Sam Worthington will appear alongside Arnie as a member of a crooked DEA squad.

Breacher revolves around members of "an elite DEA task force" who steal millions in cash from a drug cartel safe house, during an otherwise typical operation. It seems as though the team has gotten away with their crime... until someone (one of their own?) begins killing them off, that is.

Heat Vision is reporting that Terrence Howard (Crash, Iron Man) and Dawn Olivieri (Heroes, House of Lies) are in talks to sign on for Breacher. The pair are up to play two of Schwarzenegger and Worthington's fellow DEA agents, who "are engaged in an affair, and who conspire to steal the already stolen goods."

Terrence Howard and Dawn Olivieri join Schwarzenegger's Breacher

Ayer has the (sorta) cinéma vérité cop drama/thriller End of Watch arriving in theaters this September, while Woods put the finishing touches on his screenplay for Die Hard 5 earlier this year. He's also contributed to the script for yet another Schwarzenegger vehicle titled Unknown Soldier, for directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh (Act of Valor).

Ah-nuld turns 65 in just a few days (from the time of writing this), so it comes as little surprise to learn that he's working overtime to resuscitate his status as a still-active badass of the big screen. Moviegoers will glimpse an older (and slightly weaker) Schwarzenegger in Expendables 2 before he returns to headlining with next year's Last Stand and The Tomb.

We'll keep you updated on Breacher as more information is released.


Source: THR

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