Jason Momoa Protects His Cabin in Braven Trailer

Jason Momoa takes on heavily armed drug smugglers who threaten his family in a new trailer for Braven. Longtime stunt wizard Lin Oeding makes his feature film directorial debut on the action movie from Saban Films. Jill Wagner, Stephen Lang, Garret Dillahunt and Sasha Rossof also star.

Braven stars Jason Momoa as Joe, a family man who heads to his cabin for a bonding weekend with his father Linden (Lang). Joe and Linden don't know that a group of drug smugglers have stashed a bag of heroin in the cabin. They also don't know that Joe's daughter Charlotte (Rossof) stowed away in the truck so she could join them. When the drug smugglers show up to reclaim their stash, Joe must call upon his skills to protect his cabin and his family. And he possesses many, many skills.

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A new trailer for Braven previews the movie's straight-ahead survival action scenario. The very simple set-up leads to an orgy of killing as Momoa goes Liam Neeson on Garrett Dillahunt and his crew of criminals. See the trailer above. Also check out the movie's dramatic poster below:

Jason Momoa in Braven

Trailers don't get anymore blunt than the one for Braven. We see Jason Momoa interacting adorably with his loving family, establishing that he's a good guy. We're told all the basics of the plot including why the drug smugglers had to hide their heroin in the cabin. We get a big taste of what happens after the bad guys show up at the cabin. Basically, Momoa and Lang have to kill all these heavily armed men, and they only have a hunting rifle and whatever else they can find. The trailer teases Momoa's whole array of improvised killing means. Give the movie points for clever kills, including one involving an ATV, a cable and a cliff.

Braven makes use of the Liam Neeson Taken hook: Here's a man who seems normal, but he's actually a bad-ass murderer who won't let anyone hurt his family. Unlike the elderly Neeson, Jason Momoa seems like someone who really could kill multiple people with his bare hands. Momoa gets to do the basic action movie thing before appearing in the much higher-budget Aquaman. Momoa also will star as Eric Draven in the reboot The Crow Reborn. Momoa's series Frontier recently received a Season 3 order from Netflix.

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Source: Saban Films

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  • Braven (2018) release date: Feb 02, 2018
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