Brannon Braga: Nazis = Wacky?

Recently Star Trek magazine sat down with Brannon Braga, who's been involved in the production of Star Trek series going back to "Next Generation". Maybe it's me, but I found part of the following quote vaguely unsettling:

"I know it had been done on the original series and I know we had Nazis on VOYAGER, but you know what? We had just done 24 dead serious, intense episodes of ENTERPRISE. And I think that one of the things that threw people for a loop, for better or worse, was that it was a radical shift in tone to something that was wacky." [Emphasis added]

Does he mean to say that having an episode with Nazis is "wacky"? That an episode showing Nazis isn't "serious"? Sure, Trek has dealt with Nazism multiple times over the years, but it's always taken a serious tone. To call a twist in which Nazis are involved "wacky" is in my opinion, inappropriate.

Perhaps he was just referring to the "coming out of left field" aspect of the episode(s), but it was still a poor choice of words.

Source: TrekWeb

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