So Is Brandon Routh Still Superman?

Sometimes, you hear something so crazy that it absolutely can't be true. Until it turns out to be just that.

Case in point: About two weeks or so back, I wrote up an article detailing exactly what was going on with the Superman film franchise based on information given to us by very reliable sources.

I was told point-blank that the next Superman film would in fact be a total reboot (in the vein of Batman Begins and Casino Royale) with a new set of filmmakers and actors. Sure, that made perfect sense.

What's interesting though is there was one item from a contact (whose proven to be dead-on in the past like with the Harry Potter release date shift which I couldn't get officially confirmed so ran with as a speculation piece instead).

According to said contact, both Alan Horn (the big-cheese at Warner Brothers) and Thomas Tull (the head of Legendary Pictures) wanted Brandon Routh to reprise his role of Superman and Clark Kent in the reboot film. This despite the fact that he headlined Bryan Singer's quasi-sequel Superman Returns.

Of course, that made Absolutely. No. Sense. I mean, that would be like Roger Moore playing 007 in 2006's James Bond reboot Casino Royale instead of Daniel Craig.

And now, ladies and germs, it appears I have egg in my face for not running with said news-item.

The folks over at Latino Review had a chat with DC Comics head-honcho Paul Levitz about the status of various DC film-projects. When the subject of the Superman reboot came up:

In fact, he told me that “Last week Brandon Routh has come around the offices in New York and Los Angeles as of late to talk about Superman and what we want to do”……blah blah blah!

At first I thought it was the Apple Martini I was drinking but I soon realized that I just heard a bombshell go off in my brain! Brandon? He did say Brandon Routh was coming around talking about Superman! Why the hell would they be talking to Brandon if he was not going to be part of the reboot? Because he’s still in the mix!!!

The truth of the matter is that the way Mr. Levitz made it seem is that they love Brandon as Clark Kent and that he’s just a great guy, which I agree.

What's interesting is this confirms what we told you about Warner Brothers, DC Comics and Legendary Pictures making damn-sure they all agreed on what they were going to do with the reboot.

They also verified through their sources that Superman wouldn't grace the silver screen again until summer 2012 at the earlier - which again we told you.

To be fair though, the next Superman film is a ways-off and things can certainly change. But at the moment, it appears that Brandon Routh will done the red-and-blue suit once again.

Source: Latino Review

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