10 Hilarious Bran Stark Memes from the Game Of Thrones Premiere

The final season of Game of Thrones just aired, and while everyone's speculating who's going to survive, others have just one thing in mind: how creepy Bran Stark was in the season opener. As you probably know by now, Bran spent the bulk of the episode staring at the people of Winterfell. While he is the Three-Eyed Raven,  that makes his dead-eyed expression even worse. What is he seeing in people when he stares them down like a dog gazing at a burger?

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Luckily, because we live in a world where memes are a thing, you can bet that the internet has already found a way to poke fun at Bran Stark's weird vibes. Here are ten of the funniest Bran Stark memes floating around the net.

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10 No Spoilers!

If there's one thing that Game of Thrones fans hate more than Joffery are spoilers. Whether it's from cocky fans of the books who want to ruin the show for those who hadn't read them, to trolls who saw the latest episode before you did, people who spoil GoT deserve some time in Ramsey Bolton's torture chamber.

Thankfully, most people aren't so depraved, like Bran here. He's seen the past and the future, yet he's not in any rush to spill the beans just yet. Seriously, we'd probably solve half of the world's issues if more people acted this way.

9 Welcome to Winterfell

The arrival of Daenerys was quite the event for the people of Winterfell. This isolated kingdom isn't used to guests, especially a member of a formally defeated family that is now vying for the Iron Throne. No one is apparently more so than Bran.

Bran knows how to keep an eye on someone, and not even the Targaryen forces are exempt from his treatment. In his defense, he has reason to be cautious, given the Targaryen's reputation for brutality. Still though, is that any way to treat guests, Bran?

8 Where's Fox Mulder when you need him?

Bran almost acts like a victim of alien abduction after getting off the mothership. Perhaps the brain implant is starting to get to him. After all, for all we know, the Three-Eyed Raven could be an alien sent to toy with the people of Westeros.

Seriously, though, if aliens did exist in the GoT universe, there's no way our heroes would survive an invasion. As Han Solo once said, "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side."

7 Would it help if I said 'please'?

Jamie's presence in Winterfell will undoubtedly be a source of considerable tension throughout the season. After all, he did kill Danny's father and all. But having to find some way of apologizing to Bran, the boy who he paralyzed in the first place, is an entirely different level of friction that nobody would ever want to experience.

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Honestly, it probably wouldn't be too far out of the question for the writers to have Bran say this in the show. GoT is known for its sharp and clever dialogue, so who knows? Maybe Bran's got a sick burn he's waiting to drop.

6 Time is of the essen... oh forget it!

Bran is correct when he says that there's no time to waste. The Night King has an ice dragon, for god's sake. Maybe they should all get down to business and think of a way to stop him before he turns Winterfell into a smoldering heap of ash.

But not before Danny and Jon take a much-needed dragon ride. After all, all Targaryens need to know how to fly their own dragon. Either way, it's probably best to get your How to Train Your Dragon bit out of the way after you've got a plan in place.

5 Can you not?

While nobody in the episode looks put off by Bran's incessant staring, if he were to do this in our world, the reaction would be much more negative. Maybe the people of Winterfell are used to Bran acting like a creep all the time, but if we started acting like him, we'd all have enough restraining orders to insulate our homes.

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There had to have been an instance when Bran managed to sneak up on someone and gave them a little jump. Though, unless he has a side of grease on hand, the squeaking of his wheelchair would be a dead giveaway.

4 Yeah, Bran, why?

This is probably the question on every GoT fan's minds right about now. What is it about being the Three-Eyed Raven that makes Bran act so cold and distant? Not even the original Raven was this much of a weirdo, and he walked around in a cloak made of black feathers!

If anything, this meme makes us yearn for season one Bran, back when he was just a cute, innocent kid, and not a sad, cynical adult.

3 Teacher: Told ya so

Exams are tough. Not only are they stressful, but they could make or break your GPA or determine if you're going to graduate. But studying is also tough as it's time-consuming and leaves you little time to sleep and eat. We've all been in a situation when we're cramming and come across a subject that we don't think will be on the final. No big deal, right? Just focus on the stuff you know and you'll get it.

Then test day comes and you realized that you've just shot yourself in the foot, or in this case, pushed Bran out of the window. And now he's staring at you. And now you realize you've made a horrible mistake.

2 We don't like them southerners here

This one is sort of like number 9, only instead of Kobe, it's Samuel L. Jackson from the movie Black Snake Moan. Literally, no one would remember this movie if it weren't for this shot of Jackson giving the crazy eyes, which has been used to describe any situation when someone is just a few straws away from breaking their camel's back.

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This is similar to what Bran would look like after he turns 60; old and grumpy and with a look of malice in his eyes. That is, if Bran survives season 8 (fingers crossed).

1 Um, guys? It's getting cold out here...

Bran is literally the only paraplegic in all of Westeros who has a wheelchair. Therefore, it's probably not a stretch to assume that none of the castles and buildings in the Seven Kingdoms have wheelchair access. But can't Winterfell cut him some slack? Who knows, he could be their king someday.

By the looks of this campaign, it seems like the people of Winterfell agree, although it looks like they're doing it so they can go their daily lives without him eyeing their every move. So far, Sansa seems to be the biggest donor, which makes sense considering the fact that she is his big sister. Tyrion also gave a lot, perhaps out of guilt for being so callous after Bran's fall. But Jon Snow couldn't even bother to cough up $20 dollars. Come on, Jon! He's your broth-*ahem*-cousin, for crying out loud! Can't you be a little more generous?

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