Bradley Cooper Talks 'Paradise Lost' & Why He Left 'The Crow' Remake

Bradley Cooper made headlines recently when he was named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man of the Year," but the actor is more than just a pretty face. With a strong screen presence and a media-friendly personality, Cooper has become one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, following his rise to stardom in The Hangover.

Over the last two years, Cooper has been attached to some of the biggest movies in Hollywood (from the inevitable Hangover 3 to unconfirmed rumors of a Flash movie). While promoting The Hangover 2 DVD release, Cooper talked about one of his upcoming projects, Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost, and also why he decided to step back from  The Crow remake.

In a conversation with Empire, Cooper discussed his role as Lucifer in Alex Proyas' much-anticipated motion-capture film adaptation of John Milton's epic poem. During the interview, Cooper talked about what it's like wearing motion-capture suits for the movie, and how he and Proyas wanted to approach the vocalization of the character. Check out the video interview below.




In addition to discussing Paradise Lost, Cooper briefly clarified why he decided not to star in The Crow remake. As Cooper explains in the below video, the issue was timing. With his responsibilities to Paradise Lost, Cooper simply couldn't make The Crow work in his schedule (although it did give us some cool concept art).



A few months after Cooper dropped out of The Crow, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo also left the project, leaving the remake in a tough spot. There have been rumors circulating that Channing Tatum may star in the film (though he is extremely busy with several upcoming projects) and also that Mark Wahlberg might return to the movie (though it's unlikely without his preferred director Stephen Norrington, but nothing is definitive).

Many Screen Rant readers have been adamant that a Crow remake would be sacrilegious anyway, so perhaps it's a good thing that the remake is stuck in limbo. That being said, it would have been interesting to see Cooper take on a different and darker role than what we've seen from him so far.

What are your thoughts on Bradley Cooper's star power, an all motion-capture retelling of Paradise Lost, and the flimsy state of The Crow remake?

Source: Empire

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