Joe Carnahan & Bradley Cooper Reteam For The Grey

Director Joe Carnahan is set to reteam with his' A-Team' star Bradley Cooper for 'The Grey'

Last month we brought you news that The A-Team director Joe Carnahan was working on a few projects that he was trying to bring to the screen. One of these was a thriller called The Grey. It now looks like The Grey will be Carnahan’s next film and that his A-Team star Bradley Cooper (Faceman) will take the lead role in the film.

Last month Carnahan said:

“There’s a film that I wrote that I want to do called The Grey, which is about a group of pipeline workers in Alaska flying back into civilization after being remote for a number of months. The 737 they’re on goes down, and they begin to be hunted by a pack of rogue wolves. It’s very much a man vs. nature adventure, existentialist kind of drama that I want to do. We’re very, very close to it now.”

Well it looks like Carnahan has now managed to bring all the right elements together and that the $34 million film will go into production soon.

Tony and Ridley Scott will produce the along with Carnahan, Jules Daly and Bill Johnson.

The Grey is based on a short story by Ian Jeffers. Carnahan and Jeffers then collaborated on the script for the thriller, which will take the independent route to screens. Inferno Entertainment has fully funded the film and distribution rights to the film have been sold for the U.K., Australia, France, Latin America and the Middle East - the U.S. is still up for grabs.

Bradley Cooper is a rising star at the minute; after hitting it big with The Hangover last year, he starred in Sandra Bullock’s least successful film of the year - All About Steve and he has Valentine’s Day opening this weekend as well as The A-Team in June.

If Cooper’s career keeps going in the trajectory it's heading, and and he keeps working with Carnahan,then the latter won’t have any problems getting his films financed. I’m not for a minute saying that their relationship is mercenary (little A-Team gag) but it always helps when a director has an A-list friend to call up when he wants to get a difficult project financed. Just ask Steven Soderbergh!

We’ll have more on The Grey when we get it!

Cooper and Carnhan's The A-Team opens on June 11.

Source: Variety

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