Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper in Talks for 'The Crow' Remake?

Fans of Brandon Lee (and Mark Dacascos) may need to prepare for a new Crow to be crowned in the coming weeks - with Limitless star Bradley Cooper in talks for the title role.

Cooper would star as the anti-hero The Crow in director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's remake of the cult-classic film for Relativity Media.

According to Heat Vision the star, who will be seen next in the The Hangover II this May, is in early talks to take over the role of musician/undead spirit of vengeance Eric Draven in the remake. The report claims that Cooper is very interested in the project and recently met Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) in Spain - where both the director and star discovered they have a "shared vision" for the overarching film and character.

The Draven name should sound familiar to fans of Lee's original film (as well as the Canadian TV series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven) but not so familiar if you were a fan of the disconnected sequel Crow: City of Angels from director Tim Pope - which, in an attempt to avoid any connections to the prior film (as a result of Lee's death) featured a new protagonist, Ashe Corven (played by Swiss actor Vincent Pérez).

In both the source-comic by James O'Barr, as well as Lee's 1993 film, Draven is killed while attempting to save his fiancee Shelley from a group of thugs (though the scene of the attack differs from comic to film) and is resurrected one year later by a supernatural crow that links the character between the living world and the dead. As a result, Draven receives supernatural abilities including invulnerability as well as psychic visions, among other gifts. While their have been numerous Crows throughout the various incarnations of the comic series - Draven is not just the original protagonist, he remains the most well-known.

Bradley Cooper won't be in The Crow reboot

Story details aside, it's hard to picture Bradley, who has made a name for himself as the go-to-guy for troubled but charming protagonists, stepping into the dark and violent world of The Crow. Despite appearing in several dark films such as Midnight Meat Train, Cooper was definitely not on our list of potential leading men for the remake (of course, neither was Mark Wahlberg). Obviously, the actor is trying to step outside of the box Hollywood has put him, challenging audiences to give him a chance in a darker role but it's hard to ignore that actually playing the Crow in a film might be too far of a jump for the actor - as, once resurrected, the character is mostly no-nonsense, speaking very little, while killing a lot of guilty thugs.

Cooper's interest is especially interesting since he could be up for other superhero opportunities in the not-too-distant future - as Ryan Reynolds recently name-dropped Cooper as a good choice for the Flash in a Justice League film (which seems like a much more likely fit). The actor has denied ever hearing of the Flash (which was, of course, tongue-in-cheek) but the fact his name has been thrown around this much certainly indicates that studio-heads are interested in putting the actor in a bankable superhero role. It'll be interesting to hear if they're as sold on Cooper in The Crow as Fresnadillo.

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The Crow does not have a set release date at this point but is expected to start production in the fall.

Source: Heat Vision

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