Brad Pitt To Play Steve McQueen?

A few months ago, Screen Rant reported that a biopic about the legendary Steve McQueen was in the works. It is to be based on McQueen's autobiography, entitled Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel, and is to concentrate mainly on his acting career, with just a few dashes of his off-screen liking for motorbikes, fast cars and drugs. However, at the point of the project being announced there was no actor lined up to play him, with Daniel Craig's name being mentioned merely by film fans on message boards.

However, cut to a few months later and the Steve McQueen biopic is getting ready to go, with a certain mega-famous actor apparently in talks to play the legendary film star: Brad Pitt.

According to The Examiner, Pitt is, "about to sign on," to play McQueen, but nothing is said of the reason why he was chosen. There is speculation that it's because of Pitt's resemblance to McQueen (he's not exact, but who is?), as well as him sharing love with McQueen for, "beautiful women, fast cars and motorcycles." I can see where people are coming from on both fronts - the name recognition doesn't exactly hurt, either.

Also, Pitt has certainly shown in the past that he has the natural charisma (particularly in the Ocean's series) to pull off the "king of cool" persona on-screen.

Who better to play the world-renowned film star than the current most famous actor on the planet? I'm not saying that should be the reason to pick who portrays McQueen - it should be about acting talent, particularly the ability for great personification - but it sort of makes sense, in a weird kind of way.

In addition to being wishfully mentioned by film fans that Daniel Craig should be given the role, McQueen's third wife, Barbara, also expressed interest in him being the one to portray her late husband. I guess, since she probably won't have anything to do with the biopic, producers Christine Peters and Michael Carenzie aren't listening too closely to her or any of McQueen's family members on matters of casting.

Remember, this isn't absolute concrete news that Pitt is going to be playing the "king of cool," but it's at least looking possible. If it does turn out to be Pitt who lands the role, I won't have any complaints. If they were going for pure resemblance, though, I would go with Craig...

What is your thoughts on the possibility of Brad Pitt playing Steve McQueen? Would you prefer Pitt over Craig?

The Steve McQueen biopic is set to start production sometime later this year.

Sources: The Examiner and Cinematical

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