Brad Pitt to Star in 'Dark Void' Video Game Adaptation

Brad Pitt's Plan B Productions company is teaming with Reliance BIG Entertainment to make a feature film based on the unreleased Capcom video game, Dark Void.

The story of the game is about a pilot named William Agustus Grey who ends up in another universe after crashing his cargo vessel in the Bermuda Triangle. In this other realm, he meets human survivors who are slaves to the "Watchers," an alien race who were banished to this world and now act as Gods with humans doing their bidding.

Grey, who's currently planned to be played by Brad Pitt, enlists the help of Nikola Tesla to modify Watcher technology and fight back Iron Man style with his jetback.

For more on the game and the trailer for Dark Void, which shows off the cinematic qualities employed in the game, head over to Game Rant.

The trailer definitely could make for some cool movie action sequences and that was the goal according to Germaine Gioia, a Senior VP at Capcom:

“As a game, ‘Dark Void’ was developed with a wide-screen mentality – a world full of adventure presented in cinematic scope and scale.”

Although we won't get to see the game in its entirety until January, the premise and unique combat style of the game could make for a neat sci-fi action movie. With Brad Pitt involved, we may actually get a game adaptation that isn't awful.

What do you think of this idea and the trailer?

Source: THR

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