'Cogan's Trade' Images: Brad Pitt, Tony Soprano & A Goodfella

Cogan's Trade starring Brad Pitt

One of my own "most anticipated" films of 2012 is Cogan's Trade, the new crime thriller from Andrew Dominik, a director whose last film, The Assassination of Jesse James, was a crowd-splitting piece of high-art but slow-burn crime drama cinema.

Dominik is said to be once again putting his own unique spin on typical genre fare with Cogan's Trade - and while one can only guess as to what that "spin" will be, as you will see from today's gallery of images, the film will at least have a very familiar lineup of onscreen mobsters.

Cogan's Trade stars Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan, a mob enforcer who is dispatched to investigate a heist that was sprung on a mob-protected poker game. Cogan's investigation brings him down into the underworld and into contact with its various gangsters, thugs, and opposers (cops), as a Jackie, a working man, tries to do his dirty job.

Check out stars like The Sopranos' James Gandolfini and Goodfellas' Ray Liotta in Cogan's Trade, with an additional photo showcasing Oscar-nominated actor Richard Jenkins (Let Me In):

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At the very least, Cogan's Trade looks like it will have some good, well-acted crime drama to offer fans of the genre. Should Dominik  happen to go in a more creative and artistic direction with the usual genre tropes...well, I wouldn't personally be upset about that, but others may want to wait and see a trailer before they commit to seeing this one.

Cogan's Trade still doesn't have a specific release date; though fall 2012 is looking like the most likely prospect as of now.

Source: The Film Stage

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