Brad Fuller Talks 'Elm Street' Sequel & 'Friday the 13th 2'

Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th 2

New Line Cinema's A Nightmare on Elm Street remake - which will arrive in theaters this week - may be highly anticipated by most horror aficionados, but its producer Brad Fuller is waiting for the opening weekend box office report until he starts making concrete plans for a sequel.

The hesitation by Fuller is no doubt in part due to this past week's announcement that his Friday the 13th Part 2 - which was to be shot in 3D no less - has been put on indefinite hold.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Fuller admitted he thought it "would be arrogant" to discuss a sequel to the Nightmare On Elm Street remake at this point - despite the fact that actors Jackie Earle Haley and Rooney Mara - who play Freddy Krueger/Nancy Holbrook in the film, respectively, and can be seen together in this clip - are already signed on.

As Fuller put it:

"At the end of the day, the sequel discussion, the right time to have that is after this movie... if this movie comes out and accomplishes what the studio wants, then we can have a sequel discussion.  But I can tell you that there has not been one conversation about a sequel at this point."

Freddy Krueger

Fuller's disinclination to speculate on a new Nightmare flick clearly relates to the failure of Friday the 13th Part 2's production - even though it was at one point slated to hit theaters on Friday, August 13th of this year.

Why exactly did a new Friday the 13th fail to come to fruition?  Well, here's what Fuller had to offer:

"You know, it doesn’t feel to me like – and this isn’t specific to any studio – it doesn’t feel to me like the studios are making horror movies in the same way that they were making them three or four years ago where every studio had a couple horror movies in production or that they were prepping... So it just doesn’t feel like there’s the same appetite at the studio level."

So what might re-invigorate studio interest in horror films?  Well, Fuller had some straightforward advice for horror lovers everywhere:

"So the part that everyone always hates to hear, but it’s the truth, is the audience votes with their money, and then the studio responds to that."

That said, if the new Nightmare is a hit and thus development on A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 does begin, we have to ask the million-dollar question: Will it be in 3D?

Well, we recently reported that director Samuel Bayer fought against converting his reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street into the 3D format and Fuller - it seems - is of a similar mind.  "3D," he says, "should be an immersive experience. And in order for that experience to be fully satisfying, I think that you have to conceive of a movie that way."

A Nightmare On Elm Street attacks theaters this Friday (April 30) so - once the box office results are in - we should soon have news about a sequel and whether the Friday the 13th Part 2 film project will be brought back to life sometime soon.

Source: Bloody Disgusting (1st link) (2nd link)

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