SR Pick: Tom Cruise & Simon Pegg Take Brad Bird Hostage for Award Speech

Many animation fans were disappointed when famed animated film director Brad Bird opted to join the ranks of the live action elite, by helming the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Fans of Bird's high-profile Pixar film The Incredibles, who are still holding out hope for an Incredibles 2, should brace for bad news. Brad Bird is done with animation and he couldn't be happier - at least according to his Winsor McCay Award acceptance speech.

While many moviegoers were anxiously awaiting new trailers for blockbuster films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America, Super 8, and Battle: Los Angeles during this Sunday's Super Bowl, on Saturday night the International Animated Film Society gathered to celebrate the best animated films of the the past year.

DreamWorks Pictures' How to Train your Dragon won best picture at the ceremony - with Pixar's Day & Night winning for best short subject.

The ASIFA-Hollywood also honored Brad Bird with the Winsor McCay award. For anyone unfamiliar with the award, here's the official history, and past winners, from the ASIFA:

"The award is named in honor of animator Winsor McCay, best known as a prolific artist and pioneer in the art of comic strips and animation, the Winsor McCay Award stands as one of the highest honors given to an individual in the animation industry in recognition for career contributions to the art of animation."

Check out the video of Bird's "revealing" acceptance speech below (jump ahead to 4:30):


Bird is certainly deserving of the praise he's received for his animation work (he also received Oscar wins for The Incredibles and Ratatouille, as well as other award wins) but it would have been a shame if he had actually been serious.

Thankfully, the acceptance speech was actually just a chance for Bird to poke fun at Hollywood as well as an opportunity for Tom Cruise to continue his journey of self-depricating humor with the intention of getting back into the good graces of movie-goers. Having Simon Pegg at your side certainly doesn't hurt.

For a full list of The Annie Award winners - check out the official ASIFA-Hollywood site.

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol hits theaters December 16, 2011.

Source: The Annie Awards

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SR Pick: Tom Cruise & Simon Pegg Take Brad Bird Hostage for Award Speech