The Boys: 10 Strongest Super-Abled Characters, Ranked

The Boys features some pretty crazy strong super-abled characters. Here are the toughest the show has to offer.

The live-action adaptation of The Boys premiered on Amazon Prime Video in July of 2019. This TV show, which was developed by Eric Kripke, was based on the Dynamite Entertainment comic book series of the same name written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Darick Robertson. All in all, The Boys follows two distinct groups of vigilantes ­– the ‘super-abled’ Seven and the street-level Boys.

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It comes without saying that The Boys has a much more cynical approach to superheroes, bringing to TV a new ‘dark’ take on the genre. However, the show still has many hero archetypes that we’ve come to know from Marvel and DC, some of which are much stronger than others. Read below to explore the 10 strongest super-abled characters on The Boys television series.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for the comic book series and the first season of the live-action TV series The Boys.


Played by Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), it is safe to say that The Deep is The Boys’ own version of DC Comics’ Aquaman. Despite being a member of The Seven, The Deep is widely ignored by Vought International and the other members of his team, often being treated as a joke. His powers include aquatic respiration and telepathy, as well as above-average strength and endurance.

In the comic books, The Deep always wears a diving helmet that he is unable to take off due to an ancient curse. Moreover, the hero distances himself from The Seven to join a different team in the comics, which is known as Truth. However, the TV series showed Vought International punishing The Deep and forcing him into taking a sabbatical from The Seven as a result of public perception that he had sexually assaulted Starlight.


By the time that we meet Popclaw – whose real name is Charlotte – on The Boys, she is no longer an active super-abled hero. As a young girl, Popclaw was part of the Teenage Kix team and starred in the in-universe movie franchise Terminal Beauty. Over time, however, she develops a more private life and focuses on dating A-Train.

Popclaw is able to retract a claw from both of her wrists, and has an above-average strength in comparison to other humans. Despite the fact that she is quite strong, she is far from being the strongest super-abled person in the universe of The Boys. On TV, Popclaw is portrayed by actress Brittany Allen (All My Children, Falling Water).


Despite the fact that he is certainly strong enough to be part of The Seven, The Lamplighter is already retired by the time that The Boys starts. While we never actually see this hero in action, he wielded powerful staff that granted him the ability of pyrokinesis (the generation and manipulation of fire).

The Lamplighter is certainly a strong super-abled character on The Boys, but not one that compared to most other members of The Seven (and even heroes who existed outside of that group). While we never got a full explanation for his retirement on the show, this character dies and resurrects as a zombie in the comic book series.


Jessie T. Usher in The Boys Amazon

Sure, A-Train is known as the fastest speedster alive on The Boys, thus granting him the chance to be part of Vought International’s The Seven. However, he is far from being the strongest super-abled character on the series, as most of his peak performance comes from experimenting with Compound V rather than relying on his actual skills. In fact, it is under the influence of that substance that A-Train accidentally kills Robin (Hughie’s girlfriend).

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Played by Jessie T. Usher (Independence Day: Resurgence, Survivor’s Remorse), A-Train goes through many ups and downs during the first season of The Boys, going as far as killing his girlfriend Popclaw after finding out that she had given the Boys confidential information.


Kimiko, who is more commonly referred to as The Female, ends up joining the Boys crew after being ‘rescued’ by them. Portrayed by Karen Fukuhara (Katana in Suicide Squad), Kimiko has super-abled strength, reflexes, endurance, and speed, as well as the power to regenerate/heal her wounds.

When we first see her, The Female is imprisoned and clearly lacks any social skills. Over time, however, Frenchie enables her to open herself up to him and the Boys as a whole. While a significant part of her origin story remains to be seen, The Boys alludes to the fact that someone experimented on Kimiko with the substance known as Compound V.


Erin Moriarty as Annie January Starlight in The Boys

By the time that The Boys begins, Starlight is an up-and-coming super-abled character who was just hired by Vought International following The Lamplighter’s retirement from The Seven. All in all, Starlight (a.k.a. Annie January) is a small-town hero who was raised by a single mother and has a strong relationship with religion. Her abilities include the absorption and manipulation of electricity, as well as above-average strength and endurance.

On TV, Starlight is brought to life by actress Erin Moriarty (True Detective, Jessica Jones). Season 1 of The Boys saw this character facing sexual assault, being subjected to corporative constraints, and coming to grips with her religious affiliations. Moreover, Starlight and Hughie developed feelings over the course of the season.


Translucent is a bulletproof character who has super-abled strength and endurance and can also turn himself invisible. Needless to say, Translucent is among the strongest of The Seven, and is largely regarded as nearly undefeatable. On The Boys, Translucent is captured by the Billy Butcher-led Boys team, which struggles greatly to find a way to actually kill the hero.

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Eventually, Translucent dies at the hands of the Boys, who figure out that the super-abled character is nearly impenetrable from the outside, but not from the inside. On TV, the character of Translucent is played by actor Alex Hassell (Suburbicon, The Miniaturist).


There is certainly a Wonder Woman quality to Queen Maeve, who is portrayed by Dominique McElligott (The Astronauts Wives Club, House of Cards) on The Boys. All in all, Maeve’s powers include above-average strength, endurance, and reflexes, as well as the ability to jump upwards of 12 feet high and being immune to virtually any physical harm (we even see proof that she is bulletproof).

There is no doubt that Queen Maeve is one of the strongest super-abled members of The Seven, thus being one of the most powerful characters on The Boys. Despite being complicit to most of Homelander’s shenanigans, Maeve is certainly caring toward Starlight and displays more resentment for Vought International’s evil secrets than other members of The Seven do.



Antony Starr in The Boys

By every standard, Homelander is considered the strongest super-abled person alive, being feared and respected (but mostly feared) by virtually every other member of The Seven. Portrayed by Antony Starr (Banshee), Homelander’s powers include super strength, speed, and hearing, as well as the ability to fly, generate heat vision, and see through solid object. What’s more, Homelander is also impenetrable, making it theoretically impossible for anyone to defeat him.

It is hard not to compare Homelander’s set of powers with those of Superman, even if the personalities of those two characters couldn’t be any more different. Despite the fact that basically every character on The Boys has villainous tendencies, Homelander is certainly the clearest antagonistic force on the show, and that is seemingly going to be the case on season 2 as well.


Season 1 of The Boys didn’t explore Black Noir too much, but there is no doubt that this is the strongest character on the show. If you have read the comics, you probably know that Black Noir is a clone of Homelander who has crazier tendencies, thus serving as Vought International’s secret weapon to stopping Homelander (if need be).

On TV, we see many characters fearing Black Noir greatly, but there are not too many moments when we see the super-abled character in action. All in all, Black Noir has most of Homelander’s powers, but is somehow even stronger than his counterpart.

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