The Boys: Homelander’s Villain Plan Explained

Antony Starr as Homelader in The Boys

Caution: Spoilers ahead for The Boys season 1.

What exactly was Homelander's grand plan in Amazon's The Boys season 1? Set within a world where superheroes are immoral, reckless attention seekers, it's no surprise that the main villain of The Boys is Antony Starr's Homelander, the strongest and most famous supe of all. This is established the moment viewers discover that Homelander raped Butcher's wife, but his villainy actually goes far deeper than his personal connection to Butcher and his general disregard for human life.

Homelander is the leading superhero created by the Vought company and it's clear from the very first episode that he'll do whatever it takes to preserve their (and his own) reputation. In a story not taken directly from The Boys' comic series, season 1 finds Vought attempting to push through a lucrative deal to allow superheroes to fight in the U.S. military. Company executive, Madelyn Stillwell, frequently resorts to blackmail, bribery and threats in pursuit of this goal, but due to resistance from Congress and the CIA, the deal's fate hangs on a delicate thread.

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In The Boys' season 1 finale, it's revealed that Homelander has been manipulating events from the very start in order to ensure that he and his colleagues are welcomed as military heroes, and has been taking actions even Vought wouldn't stoop to. This plan is actually featured in one of the first scenes of the season premiere, when A-Train runs into Hughie's girlfriend while transporting the Compound V drug - the same substance used to create supes in the first place. Homelander has been secretly shipping Compound V across the globe and testing out whether the drug can bestow grown humans with powers, instead of only children.

Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve and Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Although the success rate is very low, Homelander succeeds in his aim and creates Naqib, a super-terrorist who wipes out the U.S. task force sent to capture his cell. As Homelander later reveals to Stillwell, this is all intended to convince Congress that superheroes are a necessary addition to the military, and the only possible weapon against the likes of Naqib.

While these are the bare essentials of Homelander's plan, his scheme reverberates through several other major moments in The Boys season 1. In the premiere episode, Homelander brings down the plane containing a politician that had knowledge of Compound V. The audience is led to assume that this is simply to prevent a scandal but, in hindsight, Homelander is protecting his own plan to create supervillains all across the world. The same applies to the scenes where Homelander gets tough on A-Train for his sloppiness - it's not about maintaining the facade, but protecting the plan.

Secondly, Homelander's actions directly lead to the origin story of the Female. In a deviation from the comic books, the Female is revealed to be a former child soldier abducted from her family home. Eventually, she is taken away a second time to become a guinea pig for Compound V and, given Homelander's later reveal that he actively sent the stuff to terrorist cells, it logically follows that the Female was given her abilities in the same set of experiments as Naqib.

While the Female did get a brand new background in The Boys season 1, viewers didn't get to see in action too often, compared to the comics at least. It'll be interesting to see how the Female will react if she discovers Homelander's role in her torture.

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