The Boys Season 2: Karl Urban Teases Mid 2020 Release Date

The Boys star Karl Urban teases Amazon Prime's hit series will return for season 2 in the middle of 2020. Based on the comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys flew somewhat under the radar in the lead up to its release. Once the first season did begin streaming this summer though, the satirical, ultra-violent series quickly gained popularity. After only a few weeks of streaming, The Boys quickly become one of Amazon's most watched original pieces of content.

The excitement around season 1 of The Boys has only increased as more people tune in, especially considering that the first season ended on a cliffhanger. Amazon knew they had a potential hit on their hands long before the show debuted, as they had already committed to a second season before the premiere. Filming on the Amazon Prime show been underway since this summer and there have been a few teases here and there on what the characters are up to in season 2. But, so far, there has yet to be any indication of when fans will get to see The Boys return.

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Urban, who stars as Billy Butcher in The Boys, has teased that season two will be available to watch mid-2020. He shared the tidbit in a new Instagram post announcing that he has officially wrapped filming, before making the tease of The Boys' return date. At this time, no specific release date has been revealed, but a summer 2020 release appears to be the plan for season 2 right now.

Amazon's decision to fast track The Boys return is understandable considering the show's strong ratings. Season 1 began streaming at the end of July of this year, and the success that it had is undeniable. In addition to strong critical reviews, the series had great word of mouth during a rather uncompetitive time for prestige television. Even with the glut of superhero movies and shows, The Boys managed to deliver a genuinely original take on superhero stories. With even more people interested in checking out the next season, there is the opportunity for The Boys to once again be a big hit for Amazon. And, if Urban is already done filming, then showrunner Eric Kripke will have plenty of time to get all eight new episodes ready for streaming audiences.

As for what fans can expect to see from season 2 of The Boys, Kripke has a lot of loose threads to unravel. Season 1 ended with major character revelations that will certainly upend the plot. Meanwhile, Aya Cash has been spotted on set as Stormfront, a new member of The Seven, the show's answer to the Justice League and Avengers. Fans are looking forward to an explosive second season of The Boys , which we now know will drop in the middle of next year.

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