The Boys: Ranking Vought International’s Best Employees

The Boys has entered the superhero genre and changed the game. We've ranked the superheroes of Vought International!

The Seven in THe Boys

With The Boys, Amazon Prime Video has entered the TV superhero genre in a major way. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a 94% audience score and an 83% on the Tomatometer. All in all, the television series revolves around The Boys – a group of vigilantes without any special abilities – as they fight against The Seven, which is a team of ‘super-abled’ heroes that is managed and funded by the fictional conglomerate known as Vought International.

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Like with any other company, some of Vought International’s employees are better than others. In fact, certain members of The Seven are arguably very close to being terminated, if only Vought finds out what they’re really up to. Read below to see a ranking of the Vought International employees seen on Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys.


Jessie T. Usher in The Boys Amazon

It comes without saying that A-Train is not particularly the best employee for Vought International. As we see on The Boys, he regularly fails to comply with the requests of the company, and when he does, he certainly has an attitude about it.

One major example is how he chose to deal with apologizing to Hughie Campbell for killing his girlfriend. Vought International felt that it was necessary for A-Train to personally apologize to Hughie, but the speedster wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.

What’s more, A-Train has been abusing Compound V in order to secure his title as the fastest man alive and stay as a member of The Seven. While one can certainly try to understand with his motives, this essentially means that he is lying about his actual skills to his employers.


It must be said that, at the end of the day, The Deep is willing to ‘play ball’ and comply with whatever demands Vought International has for him. On the other hand, The Deep is also known for constantly making unnecessary mistakes that he brings upon himself.

On the very first episode of The Boys, The Deep decided to sexually harass Starlight, who was simply a naïve newcomer to The Seven. A few episodes later, The Deep tried to rescue a dolphin but ended up accidentally killing him in a very graphic manner. Well-intentioned or not, this aquatic super-abled hero constantly messes up and forces Vought International to intervene.

The relationship between Vought International and The Deep becomes so strained that the company even sends him to the small town of Sandusky, Ohio for a sabbatical.


Erin Moriarty as Annie January Starlight in The Boys

There is no doubt that Vought International isn’t the place to work for in the first place. The company is constantly abusing its power over The Seven, scheming against local politicians and communities, and making decisions solely based on profit and liability rather than good-doing.

With that said, it is often expected that new employees will be willing to roll with the punches and get accustomed to how things work at their new place of employment. On The Boys, Starlight joins Vought International and immediately finds herself conflicted about her new employers. She proceeds to do as she pleases, often ignoring any of their requests or advice.

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While it is commendable that Starlight stands up for herself, one must wonder why she would even want to keep working for such a terrible company and alongside such immoral co-workers. All in all, Vought International is a terrible place for Starlight to work for, and Starlight isn’t the best employee for Vought International, either.


Translucent is a pretty creepy guy, particularly when he sits around in female bathrooms, naked and invisible, without anyone’s consent or knowledge. Talk about an HR nightmare.

With that said, Translucent is a pretty good Vought International employee overall. He is very willing to keep the company’s secrets and protect his co-workers, and takes a very long time to ‘break’ after being captured by The Boys.

Translucent may be troublesome for his co-workers, but he is actually a great employee for Vought International and often does his job correctly.


A standout recurring character on The Boys is Ashley Barrett, who is assigned by Vought International as the publicist to Starlight. Given that Starlight is a new addition to The Seven, Ashley’s job is to promote her as well as she can, always keeping her persona in line with the strategy devised by Vought International.

Despite Starlight’s unwillingness to do many of the things that Vought International asks of her (many of which she is completely right about), Ashley Barrett always appears as the exemplary employee who puts the company’s priorities in front of anything – or anyone – else. There is no doubt that Ashley is one of Vought’s best employees.


Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve and Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Queen Maeve certainly struggles with her moral compass as she is asked to do certain things for Vought International. At the end of the day, however, it certainly seems that she is willing to do as she is told and not go against her employers.

A very telling example of Maeve’s overall attitude toward Vought International can be seen on season 1 episode 4, “The Female of the Species,” when she and Homelander abandoned a hijacked plane rather than trying to save everybody on board. Maeve wanted to at least try to save as many people as she could, but Homelander ultimately made the case that, from a corporate standpoint, trying to save those people under those circumstances would just hold Vought International liable to any injuries.

All in all, Queen Maeve is indeed a good employee for Vought International, even if she often questions (and disagrees with) the company’s decisions.


Homelander is the leader of The Seven and the golden child of Vought International. On The Boys, we certainly see him go against his employers here and there, but he always comes back to his senses and follows company protocol at the end of the day. Throughout season 1, we watch Homelander have a strange infatuation with Madelyn Stillwell, which makes viewers wonder whether his allegiance is to Vought International or to Madelyn alone.

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However, it becomes clear by the end of season 1 that Homelander is actually more interested in protecting his place in The Seven and his ranking with Vought International than caring for Madelyn Stillwell.


Little is revealed about Black Noir on the first season of The Boys, but his place on this list was unavoidable. After all, Black Noir is a clone of Homelander, except that he doesn’t go against Vought International, ever, in the way that Homelander sometimes does.

From a corporate standpoint, the only thing better than your star employee is a clone of your star employee that never even complains about anything. We expect to learn much more about Black Noir on season 2 of The Boys, as he was a very important character during certain storylines in the comics.


Elisabeth Shue in The Boys Amazon Prime

Madelyn Stillwell is the vice president of Vought International, a position that she takes extremely seriously. Throughout the first season of The Boys, we saw Madelyn take any and every measure to protect The Seven and Vought International as a whole, often scheming to get the company out of trouble or establishing new profitable partnerships.

Unfortunately, things did not end up all that great for Madelyn at the end of season 1. However, her hard work cannot go unnoticed as one of the very best employees for Vought International.


We barely see Stan Edgar on season 1 of The Boys, but given that the series chose Giancarlo Esposito for the role, it is safe to say that we’ll be seeing a lot of him in future seasons. All in all, Stan Edgar is Madelyn Stillwell’s superior at Vought International, which means that his interests and efforts align with the company completely.

In the comics, Stan Edgar is the CEO of Vought International and is often referred to as Mr. Edgar. He eventually dies, opening up the opportunity for Stillwell (who, in the comics, is a male character called James) to move up the ranks. Given the ending of The Boys season 1, it is safe to speculate that things will go a little differently on the TV show.

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