The Boys: All The Powers Ranked By Strength & Usefulness

The Boys gives viewers a look at what it would be like if everyday jerks had powers, and here are the most powerful abilities on the show to date.

The Boys is based on a comic novel series. The show is an intriguing idea that furthers the conversation mentioned in other superhero entertainment stories like Batman vs. Superman and The Avengers.  The show addresses the following questions: What are the consequences of having super-powered superheroes in society with the everyday person? What happens when superheroes aren't all decent people and become more concerned about their celebrity status than the people they are supposed to protect?

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We get an exploration of this when Hughie, an everyday human, watches his girlfriend torn apart as A-Train (a superhero) runs through her. While the humans have their own powers (i.e. Hughie with his intelligence), we will be ranking the superheroes, both those of the Seven and those on the outside of this core group.

11 Popclaw

Popclaw is A-Train's semi-secret girlfriend. While she is an actress, she doesn't have the celebrity status of the Seven. She possesses extreme strength and sharp claws that she can use to fight. We don't get many scenes of Popclaw in fighting mode, but she easily killed her landlord when they were engaged in a sexual act, so she is strong, just not as nuanced as the others.

10 Ezekiel

Chace Crawford as The Deep in The Boys

Although not in the Seven, he has ties with them as we see Homelander and Starlight at his religious function. His celebrity status comes from him being the leader of a large Christian group. Apart of this celebrity status, his power is elasticity. He can stretch in all directions, every limb. He also is very close to Homelander, which is a power in itself.

9 Mesmer

Mesmer once was part of a previous superhero team and has become somewhat of B celebrity. He wants to get back into A-Train and Homelander's inner circle, and that is what dampens his power. While his power is incredible, he can read your mind by touching your hand, his desperation makes him weaker.

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He doesn't read his superhero acquaintances or the urgency of his human allies well. In addition, he believes that one mind reading equals the whole person, not realizing that people can change and develop connections (i.e. his estranged daughter).

8 Black Noir

Black Noir is here in the list merely because we haven't seen evidence of the extent of his powers yet. The most mysterious of the Seven, he doesn't even open up to his co-Seven teammates. We know that he is super agile and strong, but we don't know much more than that in the Netflix series, although we have a feeling that he will show more of his shades in a Season 2.

7 Translucent

In the opening scene of the first episode, two teenagers debate whether Translucent or the Deep would win in a fight. Their debate continues here while we rank the powers. It is true that Translucent and the Deep seem almost equally match. Translucent is invisible and hard to kill, based on his unique skin. Still, he is killed by Hughie, a human. Once the secret of his skin is cracked, Translucent is pretty vulnerable.

6 The Deep

The Deep is portrayed as initially a "good" guy, and then a creep, as he takes advantage of newcomer, Starlight. We would think that The Deep would be all-powerful based on his ability to communicate with creatures of the sea. However, when we see this communication put to use, The Deep "rescues" a dolphin, by misting it while he rushes to get it to the ocean. Chased by the police, The Deep slams on his breaks, leading to the dolphin being thrown through the windshield to the pavement where it is run over by a semi. Not the smartest bulb in the universe, The Deep doesn't have the strongest powers either.

5 A-Train

A-Train is fast, similar to the Flash, and on the super drug, he is stronger and faster. While we aren't sure if he is actually more powerful than The Deep, he is brighter, and that counts for something. A-Train also is able to fight Starlight, who is extremely powerful, leaving her to recover on the floor. This proves that A-Train is pretty powerful. Ultimately, his desire for even more speed, leads him to addiction, and then to a heart attack. However, we acknowledge his power and abilities.

4 Starlight

Erin Moriarty as Annie January Starlight in The Boys

Starlight is the good superhero, the one who earnestly wants to help others. While the recognition is nice, she care more about using her powers for good. Apart from having strength, she can harness light, making it bright enough to blind people.

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When she uses her powers, her eyes glow, displaying how integrated her power is into her entire being. On top of this, she has worked to strength and harness her powers. When she shows her powers, even some of the Seven are impressed, and a little scared.

3 Queen Maeve

Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve and Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Queen Maeve appears to be nearly equal to Homelander in powers. She has super strength, great fighting skills, and can leap to soaring heights. In the opening scene, she stops a vehicle by merely standing in front of it. Homelander respects her due to her powers. Additionally, Queen Maeve had once been like Starlight—in the superhero business to save others and to make a difference. She is smart, reflective, and jaded. However, out of all the Seven, she may be the only one whose powers rival Homelander and could stop him (or at least slow him down).

2 The Female/Kimiko

Frenchie, Hughie, Billy, and Marvin discover an imprisoned Kimiko. Something about her predicament strikes the empathy chord in Frenchie, and he frees her. Shortly, they all discover why Kimiko had been imprisoned—her powers are truly terrifying. On top of having powers similar to the most powerful of the Seven, she also can heal herself, making her hard to kill. In the show, she was experimented on as an adult, leading her to be less balanced in her display of powers. She took out Black Noir though, and no doubt, if her favorite human, Frenchie was threatened again, she would attack. We wouldn't want to be on the receiving end.

1 Homelander

The most powerful of the group is Homelander. He is like an unhinged Superman, except he has no kryptonite. He has super strength, agility, fighting skills, flight, and laser eyes. In addition, he doesn't appear to be truly attached to anyone. He fries the brain of one of his closest "friends." He also is hard to kill, not even a bomb appears to be able to take him down. A formidable foe, indeed, we may need to have multiple super-powered individuals come together to knock Homelander down a peg or two.

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