The Deep Has a VERY Form Fitting Costume in The Boys Calendar

Chace Crawford as The Deep in The Boys

A photo has emerged of The Boys star Chase Crawford giving fans an eyeful in a promo calendar photo. The Gossip Girl alum played The Deep on Amazon’s popular comic book superhero show, an Aquaman analogue and one of the Seven, a supergroup of the world’s most powerful and corrupt heroes.

The Boys is based on a comic of the same name by Irish writer Gath Ennis (Preacher; The Punisher; Hitman), which grew out of his disdain for superhero comics and the perceived superficiality of them. It takes place in a world riddled with superheroes and a vast majority of whom are selfish, amoral sociopaths who take what they want when they want from ordinary people, and get away with it due to being backed by powerful corporations who pay off victims and suppress any negative press about their charges. The titular group are people who for various reasons have rejected the deified status of the heroes, and start hitting back.

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First posted about by Review Nation, the calendar in question was a promotional one sent out to press, each month seeing The Deep in various pretty boy poses designed to appeal to the adoring fangirls who would be the principal market for such items. However, the main taking point quickly became the page for March 2020, which sees The Deep bursting from the water with a pair of cetacean friends due to it being Dolphin Awareness Month, with the crotch area of his tight suit stretching into a prominent bulge. The picture for each other month is also themed around something for which it’s associated, such as flag-waving and a barbeque for July, a carved pumpkin for October and a snowman (made of beach sand) for December, along with dates marked for being national or worldwide awareness for various kinds of aquatic life.

One of the many changes from the comics that improved the TV adaptation of The Boys was the more balanced take on its characters. Ennis’ writing never leaves you wondering what his personal opinion on a subject is, and at times his contempt for the Marvel and DC style of superheroics came through at the expense of characterization. The Deep in the comics, despite being a long-serving and powerful superhero, often ends up as a punching bag for other characters’ derision in much the same way many people disregard Aquaman. In the show, he’s still a selfish and unrepentantly revolting excuse for a person, but is also more recognizable as a character, and what drives him towards his abhorrent behavior is understandable, if not in any way excusable.

Since the other images in the calendar were positioned or edited to maintain a decorum of modesty – although one of them does feature the pose usually given to female characters of an over-the-shoulder glance prominently displaying the character’s face, chest and backside – it seems quite an oversight. Given the prominence of the talking point it was unlikely to have gone unnoticed by any of the presumably multiple people through which the images would have passed for selection, editing and quality control checks. From this, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suggest that the lapse in focus was deliberate, with the intent of provoking precisely the kind of reaction from the internet that it has dutifully provided, and draw the attention of people towards The Boys who might otherwise have given it a miss.

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Source: Review Nation

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